FO Friday – Little Thun Sweater

If you need a quick baby knit, this is the pattern for you! As always, here are the fun details first:Pattern:Little Thun / Emily Franck aka The Blue MouseYarn: agirlandherwool / DK base / Strawberry Shortcake and Mint ChipNeedles: Size 5 (body) and Size 4 (hem)Cast on: 2/23/2020Cast off: 3/1/2020The pattern page on Ravelry canContinue reading “FO Friday – Little Thun Sweater”

FO Friday – Graffiti 103 Hat

This post is quite a bit overdue, but there ya have it. It took me infinitely longer to write this post than it did to knit the darn hat. As always, here are the fun details first:Pattern: 103 Hat / Jennifer Lassonde aka BostonJenYarn: agirlandherwool / DK base / Graffiti colorwayNeedles: Size 4 (brim) andContinue reading “FO Friday – Graffiti 103 Hat”

Pavement Sweater

Another amazing sweater off of the needles. Here are the yarn-y details:Pattern: Pavement by Veera ValimakiYarn: Once Upon a Corgi / Aeron Base / Color: Rodney I can’t say enough about this project. The pattern fits so well and I’m loving how it sits on me. When I first tried it on, I was aContinue reading “Pavement Sweater”

FO Friday – Time Trades Shawl

Wow! This shawl is beautiful. I know I’m totally biased as the dyer of the yarn, but the pattern by Caitlin Hunter is just so lovely. I had a great time knitting this project and for such a big shawl, it was over too quickly. I recommend reading through this entire post 😉 Here areContinue reading “FO Friday – Time Trades Shawl”

Earnest Cardigan

I don’t know where to even start with this cardigan. I love this thing so much. I guess let’s start with some info.Pattern: Earnest by Joji LocatelliYarn: Agirlandherwool in Rose Tea on the Sock base. I ended up using 300g of the yarn. I was inspired to knit this cardigan by Julia of the HappyContinue reading “Earnest Cardigan”

Project Highlight – Neat Ripple Blanket

If you read back to one of my first posts, I discussed wanting to rip out my Cozy Memories blanket. I just wasn’t a huge fan of it and knowing that the squares might not all align well was driving me crazy. I decided I wanted to crochet a blanket instead, thinking it would goContinue reading “Project Highlight – Neat Ripple Blanket”

Gnome Zombie Socks

I love to knit while I’m at the movies, if you haven’t noticed at this point. When I’m out of random stockinette projects that I can take with me, I bring a pair of socks. I started these socks earlier in the year for that very reason with plans to just leave them available forContinue reading “Gnome Zombie Socks”

December DVD socks

Well, I finished my December socks without a hitch. I knit the Oh, Hello sock pattern by Deb Buckingham. When I use sock patterns, I just use the stitch pattern and otherwise do my own numbers with a fish lips kiss heel. There’s probably more to this pattern than the stitch pattern, but I thinkContinue reading “December DVD socks”

On the WIP Side 12.20.19

I’m working on generally the same projects, but I have started to break through and make some noticeable differences. The best part is that I’m on break from work until the New Year and so I’m anticipating a lot more progress. (See my previous post about the infamous Friday-Lauren. Gosh I never learn.) Total: 6Continue reading “On the WIP Side 12.20.19”

November Socks – DVD

As I mentioned in some of the On the WIP Side posts, I’m participating in the Desert Vista Dyeworks year long knit a long where you knit a pair of socks out of her yarn each month. I’ve completed each month so far this year and plan to do all 12 months. Yesterday, I wasContinue reading “November Socks – DVD”