Pavement Sweater

Another amazing sweater off of the needles. Here are the yarn-y details:
Pattern: Pavement by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Once Upon a Corgi / Aeron Base / Color: Rodney

I can’t say enough about this project. The pattern fits so well and I’m loving how it sits on me. When I first tried it on, I was a little apprehensive about the length because I thought it was a bit too long. Now I think it is great for leggings or skinny jeans, where I like to wear longer tunics. The yarn is so soft and comfy and I love how the tweed looks with the simple, yet elegant, pattern. I love how the yarn itself is a solid color, yet the tween bits make it looks and feel more fun. The sleeves are a perfect fit and length. I did go off of the pattern here in a couple of ways:
1. The sleeves are designed to end at the elbow. I’m not one to wear sleeves shorter than full length because my wrists and hands get cold generally. Otherwise, if it is too warm for a full length sleeve, it’s probably too warm for a sweater.
2. I did my own sleeve decreases. I may or may not have discussed this before, but my upper arms are proportionally large, when compared to the rest of me. I’m a generally petite person, but my arms need their space. You can check my project page for more details on the sleeve decreases, but the idea is that I didn’t decrease for about 6 inches in order to clear my bicep. I then did a lot of increases before hitting my smaller wrists. I kept the same garter stitch cuff for the end of the sleeves.

I without a doubt will make this sweater again. It was a great knit to bring to the movies and I’m always looking for good projects for that. I am definitely hoping to continue making tunic length garments because they are perfect for leggings. I probably would knit with this yarn again also, but maybe not for another one of these sweaters. I think this yarn is a good texture for a tighter gauge. I think it would come so squishy and soft for something warm around my neck or a thicker sweater.

Win win.

A closer look at some of my sleeve decreases

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