FO Friday – Time Trades Shawl

No words

Wow! This shawl is beautiful. I know I’m totally biased as the dyer of the yarn, but the pattern by Caitlin Hunter is just so lovely. I had a great time knitting this project and for such a big shawl, it was over too quickly. I recommend reading through this entire post 😉 Here are the fun details:
Pattern: Time Trades by Caitlin Hunter / Boyland Knitworks
Yarn: agirlandherwool / Sock base / Time Trades Kit 1 (Rose gold gradient, Golden Hour and Overnight Oats)
Needles: Size 5
Cast on: 1/16/2020
Cast off: 2/8/2020
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

That gradient…

The pattern goes so quickly because the first 5 repeats of the pattern all change colors within the gradient set. I think because it felt like I kept moving onto the next color, it was going so quickly. Of course, I thought I was halfway when I finished the gradient, but there’s actually more of the two contrast colors later on. The gradient at the edge of the shawl really pops when you wear it (especially when you sit and pet it. I mean…. nope that’s what I meant).

I love the colors I used in this shawl. The rose gradient is so sweet and beautiful. When it’s paired with Golden Hour and Overnight Oats, it gives it a real earthy, calm feel. The shawl itself is light and airy so the length of it doesn’t bother me. I can wrap it around and still not feel suffocated.

I was able to memorize the pattern fairly quickly and so this project came everywhere with me. That definitely helped it knit up so quickly. When I have to sit and stare at a pattern and count stitches and everything, there’s no way to move through it smoothly. With this pattern, I was able to just keep on knitting! I love that it is knit on a bias as well. It just makes the gradient and color changes that much more fun. I will say there were a ton of ends to weave in, but with #WeaveItInWednesday, that’s never too much of a problem.

I highly recommend knitting this pattern if you are looking for a fun and wearable shawl. It’s my first rectangular shawl and I was a little apprehensive about the wearable-ness of the pattern, but I find it extremely easy to wear. If you want to knit this in the same colors, there are kits available in the shop. I have kits in the exact same colors and then some other variations. All of the kits use the Rose Gold gradient.

If you want to create your own kit, it’s easy in my shop because you can select mini skeins of whichever colors you want. The pattern calls for 20g of each mini and then 100g of each contrast color. I also have my new Faerie Shadow Gradient that can be used with fun contrast colors too. Let me know if you need help picking those out.

I’m so excited about this project, that I want all of you to have it too!
For today and tomorrow – receive 15% off your order of a Time Trades shawl – 3 kits to choose from – with code BLOGTRADES15. This code is active from now until 11:59ET on 2/29/2020. You can select from any of the 3 kits. Just click on the Time Trades section in the shop to see the options. Click here for the shop.

As always, let me know what you think!

PS. If you didn’t see yet, I started a YouTube channel with all things agirlandherwool. You can see this shawl live there later today. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it! You’ll see some behind the scenes looks into my dyeing, crafts and shenanigans. Here’s a link!

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