Gnome Zombie Socks

I love to knit while I’m at the movies, if you haven’t noticed at this point. When I’m out of random stockinette projects that I can take with me, I bring a pair of socks. I started these socks earlier in the year for that very reason with plans to just leave them available for the movies as needed. Oh, some background.
Pattern: None – my own vanilla sock, featuring a Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: GnomeAcres in I dream of Zombie on the Bungalow Gnome base (BFL/Nylon) – discontinued
Heel/toe/cuff contrast: Valley Yarns Huntington in Seagull

I bought this yarn when GnomeAcres was closing shop as I wanted to try her colorways for a bit. I love the BFL base. They are soft but so sturdy and I think these socks will last forever. I don’t honestly have too much to add about this project. They were vanilla socks that were a great easy project to work on randomly throughout this year. The colors are fun too.

I will say that going into my holiday break, I was up to the heel on sock #2. I knit the heel before I thought we were going to the movies one night (we didn’t end up going) and ended up finishing the sock the following morning. I had just finished up the DVD socks and was on a finishing kick. I didn’t think I could knit half of a sock in a morning, but I did! I’m not sure how proud I should be on this skill, but there it is anyway. It did feel nice to finish up a second pair that day. It also meant that when we did actually go to the movies, I didn’t have anything to work on and so I cast on another vanilla pair. So much for that.

After washing, the sock did bleed a bit onto the heels. I don’t mind since it is a sock, but I thought I would share! There’s no fading though in the sock, which is more important to me.

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