Earnest Cardigan

I don’t know where to even start with this cardigan. I love this thing so much. I guess let’s start with some info.
Pattern: Earnest by Joji Locatelli
Yarn: Agirlandherwool in Rose Tea on the Sock base. I ended up using 300g of the yarn.

I was inspired to knit this cardigan by Julia of the Happy Knitting Podcast! I love everything she makes and seriously would follow her knitting projects if I could keep up with how fast she knits. I decided to use one of my own colorways and picked a somewhat tonal color that would fit well with the textured pattern. I knit the pattern mostly as written with the following exceptions:

  1. I knit the sleeves before the body. This was without a doubt a great decision. It’s nice to try on a sweater with the sleeves for the full effect. It’s also great to finish the long body and just be done with the sweater.
  2. I knit the sleeves with a needle 1 size larger than the body. This is due to knitting the sleeves in magic loop. I might even go up two sizes in the future as my arms are bigger than the rest of me proportionally. The sleeves fit perfectly, but having a teeny bit extra room wouldn’t have been a bad thing. One other note on the sleeves. In the pattern, Joji mentions that she didn’t go down a needle size to knit her cuffs based on the yarn she used. I did choose to go down a needle size for mine.
I almost didn’t knit this strip down the back and I’m so glad I did!

The sleeves took me a few weeks to knit actually. It was a December, wish is always a busy month and the shop demand was higher leading up to the holidays. I didn’t think I’d actually finish the sweater before the end of the month, but I focused on it so much during my break that I did finish it with time to spare. I got into a nice groove with the body and I think not dealing with magic loop like you do in the sleeves helps as well. In any case, it is done and it’s so squishy and comfortable and a perfect layering piece.

I did wet block the sweater, but honestly, I just laid it out without any wires or pins. It should be reblocked because the bottom is definitely not straight. Using one wire would have fixed this, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable anyway. I could also stretch the sleeves out next time during blocking to make them a bit larger. TBD.

I already wore it to work at the first chance I could. I hope my coworkers love it, because they are going to see a whole lot of it. I definitely would consider knitting this again as is, but I also know there are just so many great patterns out there that I probably won’t in the end. Ya never know though.

The shop will be loaded with exactly this yarn tomorrow, Monday, Feb 24 at 8PM ET.

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