Bumble Hat

This weekend I have a birthday party for my cousin’s one year old son. Last weekend, my mom and I were discussing gifts and she said “why don’t you make something?” Genius, right?

I’ve knit a few gifts here and there and have made hats for babies before. I’m not sure why I’m not more on this game, but I had a week and said why not?

I thought about dyeing up some yarn to use, but remembered I had some leftover blue yarn from my Trevor sweater (pictured below). The yarn is a DK weight yarn so then I went to faithful Ravelry and searched for hat patterns in this weight. Sure enough, the Bumble Hat by tincanknits popped up. I actually knit this pattern once before and loved it. Perfect.

The first sweater I made for myself!

I cast the hat on that night and knit the rim. By the next morning, I was starting to get sick and said that I was just going to have a lazy morning. I figured I’d knit this hat, rest up and be ready to get things done after lunch. I think I stayed on that couch for the next 3 or 4 days. I did in fact finish the hat that morning (so a hat in less than 24 hours, not bad at all), but then didn’t knit another stitch for days.

Luckily the hat was done, but it definitely needed a pompom. The sweater that I used the leftovers from was actually a gray sweater with blue striping. I did have a little bit of the gray left and so I used both colors for the pompom. I just made it by wrapping the yarn around my hand and so I held both colors together as I did this. It’s a big bobbly pompom and it works great!

Nacco is so proud of his finished hat

The party was fun, but I didn’t take a picture of the birthday boy with it. Overall, fun easy gift.

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