November Socks – DVD

As I mentioned in some of the On the WIP Side posts, I’m participating in the Desert Vista Dyeworks year long knit a long where you knit a pair of socks out of her yarn each month. I’ve completed each month so far this year and plan to do all 12 months.

Yesterday, I was able to finish my November socks! These were a pair out of the Giant Peach colorway, which is based on James and the Giant Peach. It has stripes of a peach, an olive green, white, dark gray and black.

Finished socks, ends woven in. It just needs a good wash.

I made these socks for my husband. He has a size men’s 13. Fortunately, he doesn’t like his socks too tall, so it balances itself well. He also appreciates “custom fit” socks in that they are perfectly fitting for his feet. This means that I came up with a recipe to fit his toes well. Essentially, I increase on one side of the toe instead of both.

You can see the toe on one sock in this picture. More importantly, I was happily enjoying some coffee and reading.

I knit these socks two at a time. Partially because my DPNs are occupied and I was going to do magic loop on a large circular needle anyway and partially because those socks are so darn long that there was no way I was going to want to knit a second one. In any case, I do love knitting socks two at a time because then I know they match perfectly. However, I also love using DPNs for my socks (pulling that cable through is half annoying because it takes time and half aggravating because I end up pulling the wrong side of it out). It can be nice to switch back and forth between the two methods.

Next up is the last pair for the year. They’ll be a pair for me!

Due to the holiday (Happy Thanksgiving in the US!) and working on a very slow sweater, I will not be posting an On the WIP side post this week. A quick update is that I’m still on the first sleeve of my Earnest Cardigan. It’s still going slowly. We’ll be back next week with another update and new projects! If there’s anything you want to hear about, let me know.

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