2022 Yarn Clubs at agirlandherwool … and more!

The 2021 yarn clubs were a huge success at agirlandherwool and I can only thank all of you for that. I love playing with dyeing techniques, setting new challenges and generally having fun with yarn and color. It’s a cherry on top that you all love what you receive each month.

Last year, I offered a few different clubs. I ran the mystery yarn club for the entire year, the dye with me club for maybe half of the year and two quarters of the themed clubs. While we were all sad to see the dye with me club go, it’s all for the best and I’m glad we all enjoyed it while it lasted.

Looking forward into 2022, I wanted to keep some normalcy and also change things up a bit! So, here’s what you can expect to launch in 2022 (see sign up deadlines below). Things may change throughout the year, as they did last year, so make sure you’re tuned into my YouTube channel, as that is where all announcements are made. I do keep up with Instagram, but the photo format of it may mean you miss something if you quickly scroll by.

Quick Highlights of What is New for 2022!
Sticker Club
Colors of the Month Club

Mystery Yarn Club

Have no fear, the mystery yarn club is not going anywhere! The set up for this is exactly the same as last year and so if you have an active subscription and want to keep joining me, there’s nothing for you to do. A couple of quick notes and then I’ll lay out the general idea.

Sign up for the Mystery Yarn Club here!
Sign up for the Mystery Mini Skein Set Club here!

Photo Inspiration – In all prior shipments and for the January 2022 club, I used a photo as inspiration for the colorway. This is the only thing you know about the colorway before you receive it. I’m thinking of no longer using a photo (or at least announcing one) as nature photos can be limiting in color variety. If this is important to you, I’d love that feedback! Let me know!
3 month/6 month/12 month clubs – I will not be offering the pre-pay options for longer term subscriptions this year. There’s no real magic behind this one, it’s just less listings for me to maintain. Remember, with the ongoing subscription, you only pay for one month at a time and can cancel at any time with no future payment.
Rewards! – If you missed it, I set up a new rewards program in my shop at agirlandherwool.com. I recommend checking out this page for more details. Keep in mind that if you use the mystery club colorways and post a finished object photo with the appropriate hashtag by the end of the month, you can earn extra reward points. All details are listed on the rewards page on my website.

October 2021 Mystery Yarn Club Colorway

General set up for the mystery yarn club
Sign ups are ongoing all year round. I do not set maximum subscriptions, so anyone is free to sign up and cancel as they wish. All clubs are dyed to order based on the active subscriptions on renewal day (or yarn club day as it is affectionately known in my house). Please note that for example, sign ups for the February yarn club will be from December 21st – January 20th. The idea being that the club ships at the end of the previous month so you can use it during the month of the club. I think this can be confusing to some who sign up in January but missed out on the January club.
Mystery yarn clubs renew on the 20th of each month. This means that if you have an active subscription on the 20th, you will be automatically charged and of course, then receive that month’s club. If you cancel before the 20th of the month, you will not make another payment. Once the orders renew, I begin the dyeing process. I ship the colorways before the end of the month with the hope that you receive it before the 1st of the month, but there’s no guarantee just based on how the days land.
Mystery club colorways are exclusive for at least 3 months. The club colorways may or may not ever appear in the shop. I do not dye up extras, but if a mistake is made and I do have some leftover, it will be announced in the yarn club reveal vlog on YouTube. I usually post this around the 13th of the month (closest Tuesday or Friday, usually).
Club options are:
1. Your choice of base. There are separate listings by base. The options are Sock, DK and BFL Sock.
2. Your choice in size skein for the mystery colorway. This varies by base, but you can see the size options in the listings.
3. If you want to add on a contrast skein. Generally, the contrast skein is a tonal color, but I’ve strayed from that before.
4. Size of the contrast skein. You can order any size skein for this as well. It can be a mini up to a large skein. There’s no rule that the contrast skein even needs to be the smaller skein. You could also make this your main color.
5. There’s also a mini skein set option! For this, you receive 5 related skeins based on the main colorway.

Sign up for the Mystery Yarn Club here!
Sign up for the Mystery Mini Skein Set Club here!

New! Colors of the Month Club

Towards the end of 2021, I changed how I ran my shop and now offer colors of the month instead of an extensive library. Quite honestly, this was exactly the change I needed and I love offering new colors each month.

Sign up for the Colors of the Month Club here!

I thought a fun club would be to offer a sampler set of the colors of the month. This is a great way to see the colors in person, but also a fun way to help earn rewards points (more on that in a bit). Here’s how this new club will work:
What you receive – each shipment will come with a 20g mini of each of that month’s colors of the month. You will choose between the Sock and DK base. With this club in mind, I plan to offer up 5 colors of the month each month. For ongoing colors of the month (so for example, the Pigskin Party exclusive colorway), I will only send a sample of that once.
Renewal date: This club will renew on the 1st of the month. For example, the February Colors of the Month Club will renew on February 1st. The yarn will be ready to ship, so they will all ship in the next day or two after that (depending on how the 1st falls). This means that if you have an active subscription on the 1st, your subscription will be charged and you’ll receive the sampler set for those colors of the month. If you cancel before the 1st of the month, you will not have a future payment.
Sign ups will be available while inventory is available. Similar to how the dye with me clubs worked, I’ll be pre-dyeing up the sampler packs while I am also dyeing for the shop update. This means that if you have an active subscription, you will be guaranteed a set, but I may close out the club to new members if supplies run out. Again, this is different from the mystery yarn club, where I dye to order. Depending on how the days land, you may even receive the sampler set before the shop update, which means you can preview the colors! Signups will reopen on the 2nd of each month.
Exclusivity – sampler sets will not be exclusive to the club. If I dyed up more sets than I need, I’ll post the extras with that month’s shop update (first Saturday of the month). However, I will price them favorably for the club subscriptions and there’s no guarantee any sets will be in the shop update.
Rewards! – Definitely check out the rewards page. If you use a color of the month (doesn’t need to be finished) by the end of the month, you can also earn additional reward points. Since you’ll be receiving a few colors of the month in the sampler pack, this is a great way to earn. Check out the page for more details.

Sign up for the Colors of the Month Club here!

Brand New Craft Journal Sticker Club

I received quite a few requests last year for a sticker club and I’ve finally decided to bring it out this year. Later in the year, I streamlined the sticker kits and this will help create a more efficient club. If you’re new to the stickers, I offer up sticker kits that you can use however you like to track projects and other fun crafty things. I recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. Each month, I rerelease that month’s two themes from last year and a new theme.

Sign up for the Craft Journal Sticker Kit Club here!

What you will receive – each month, you’ll receive a themed kit . The exact sheets you receive will be based on what you select when signing up for the club. I will be adding a bonus sheet to everyone’s order that will be exclusive to the club. By default, the theme that you receive will be the new theme released that month. However, I will allow you to change the theme if you do so within 24 hours of the renewal notice. If I don’t hear from you, you’ll receive the default theme.
Renewal date: Will be on the 10th each month. For example, the February sticker kit club will renew on January 10th. This will allow time for it to arrive before the start of the month if you want to set up your journal early. I will have the sticker kits posted 1-2 weeks in the shop if you want to see the theme options prior to the renewal notice. Check out my FAQs page for a notebook recommendation.

As I’m releasing this late for the January month (ie, the club would have renewed today), make sure you grab your January kits soon! They will not be a part of the club unless you sign up the day this posts.

Sign up for the Craft Journal Sticker Kit Club here!

Important Dates:
December 20th – Last day to sign up for the January mystery clubs. Starting on December 21st, clubs will begin with the February club (to renew on January 20th) and so on.
January 1st– Last day to sign up for the January colors of the month club. Starting on January 2nd, clubs will begin with the February colors of the month club (to renew on Feb 1st).
January 10th – Last day to sign up for the February sticker club. Starting on January 11th, clubs will begin with the March sticker club (to renew on February 10th).

I hope you’re all as excited about 2022 clubs as I am. I hope you find something that works for you. Let me know if you have any questions!

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