2022 Yarn Clubs at agirlandherwool … and more!

The 2021 yarn clubs were a huge success at agirlandherwool and I can only thank all of you for that. I love playing with dyeing techniques, setting new challenges and generally having fun with yarn and color. It’s a cherry on top that you all love what you receive each month. Last year, I offeredContinue reading “2022 Yarn Clubs at agirlandherwool … and more!”

Crafty Update – March 2021

Well hello there world. It’s been a while since I posted on the blog, but I’m more than happy to be back in action. I’ll be catching you up in some crafty goodness. In general, I plan for this blog to mirror my YouTube channel to provide those who can’t or don’t want to watchContinue reading “Crafty Update – March 2021”