Introducing the #MarchIntoSpring22 Make-a-long

Hello! All of the March Into Spring boxes have shipped and I’m excited to announce a fun spring make-a-long. Here’s how it works.

The goal is to have fun knitting socks while looking at different yarn dyeing techniques. The three styles of yarn we will knit with is variegated, speckled and self-striping. Here’s what you can expect:

Each month at the beginning of the month, I will post a vlog on YouTube talking about what skein I’ll be using that month. I’ll give pattern recommendations, what I expect and just other fun yarnie stuff.

At the end of the month, we’ll recap that style and how it went! I’d love community support and your feedback as you work on the projects as well.

To qualify for entries for prizes, you’ll need to:

  1. Post progress photos throughout the month and use #MarchIntoSpring22 (1 point)
  2. Post a finished object photo (one per month by the last day of the month) and use #MarchIntoSpring22. In the caption of the post, mention something you learned, observed or thought about while working on the yarn (5 points)
  3. Each finished object should be a different style yarn – variegated, speckled and self-striping.

If you use agirlandherwool yarn, you’ll earn double the points. If you use the March Into Spring yarn, you’ll earn triple the points.

In addition, each finished object post will earn you 25 reward points to my shop. If you finish all three pairs, I’ll make it a round 100 reward points, good for $10 off a future purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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