Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Skein #3

Last week, I concluded the Dye with Me series where I was interactively dyeing up a skein in each video. The best part is that the viewers had the say in what the skein would look like. Mostly, of course, as in the end, I took their comments and used my own interpretation to create the skein. For this skein, there were a lot of comments of bringing in neutrals and so that’s what I did!

I started off with a neutral base and then just speckled in some of the themes from the other skeins. The resulting skein was this:

You can see some of the tan/light brown base with the same speckles of purple and rose. My goal that I talked about throughout the dye with me video is that I didn’t want this skein to become dark. I really wanted to keep it lighter and neutral based on what the viewers were saying. I think I was able to capture that while bringing in the same themes from the other two skeins.

Here are the three final skeins together.

You can see that moving from the 2nd to the 3rd skein, we really brought out a lot of the rose and introduced the purples. I talked about that in the last blog post. Going into skein three, I added more of the purple without overwhelming the skein. When dyeing, I always say that unless you’re going for a deeply saturated color, add the dye slow. You can always add more. This worked well with the purple because I really do think it was the right amount to blend in with skein 2 without making it a purple skein.

I also really wanted to make the skein lighter because I didn’t want this to become a gradient. I dye a lot of gradients in my shop and I was really pushing for the idea of moving between colors and not tones. Fades don’t have to move from lightest to darkest, they just need to blend one skein into the next.

Overall, I think this was a great muted fall themed set. It’s definitely not bright fall foliage colors, but it does have the serene and less vibrant feel that fall brings after a hot summer. I’m excited to give this set away and ship out the preorders of the kit. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

You can still enter to win the kit by heading over to YouTube and commenting on the video. I’ll be announcing the winner next Tuesday. In addition, I’ll be answering questions and doing a final thoughts vlog, so make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss it.

I will be doing more solo Dye with Me vlogs as well as more series. Feel free to comment below with any dye questions or suggestions. I love hearing from you!

You can come dye with me here:

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