Yarn Clubs -New Clubs for 2021

Hello! Happy Saturday. I hope you all have a great weekend and get to cozy up with some crafting. I am busy dyeing all of the Radvent Wrap kits this weekend. I can’t help start prepping for 2021 though and so I’m outlining some new clubs coming to the agirlandherwool shop! Also – December clubsContinue reading “Yarn Clubs -New Clubs for 2021”

Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Dye Along Recap

We recently wrapped up a fade dye along and I wanted to do a little reflection on the series and where you will see the dye with mes go from here. Make sure you check out the series on YouTube. Before we get into it, I will be hosting a LIVE dye with me sessionContinue reading “Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Dye Along Recap”

Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Skein #3

Last week, I concluded the Dye with Me series where I was interactively dyeing up a skein in each video. The best part is that the viewers had the say in what the skein would look like. Mostly, of course, as in the end, I took their comments and used my own interpretation to createContinue reading “Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Skein #3”