Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Skein #3

Last week, I concluded the Dye with Me series where I was interactively dyeing up a skein in each video. The best part is that the viewers had the say in what the skein would look like. Mostly, of course, as in the end, I took their comments and used my own interpretation to createContinue reading “Diary of a Yarn Dyer – Fade Skein #3”

#agahwFadeDyeALong – Skein #1

Over on my YouTube channel, I’m hosting a Dye with Me series, where I’m dyeing up a fade kit. In each video, I’m dyeing one skein and bringing you along for the ride. You can then comment on the video or use the hashtag to participate on Instagram. You can participate by letting me knowContinue reading “#agahwFadeDyeALong – Skein #1”