FO Friday – Rainbow Showers

I recently finished my Rainbow Showers wrap, which is my first completed crochet project!

The usual details first:
Pattern: Rainbow Showers / Dana Freed Fiddes
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay / Fino / Henrietta mini skein set (x2)
Hook: Size E
Cast on: 8/3/2020
Cast off: 8/29/2020
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

There it is! A finished crochet project that actually looks all right! If anyone out there is interested in giving crochet a go, but wants something of interest, go check out this pattern. The stitches are just single and double crochet, but you also increase and decrease. For me, it was a great way to expose myself to a few different aspects of crochet and not become bored.

Add to that the stripes! Definitely go for stripes in your first anything pattern. It really makes you feel accomplished.

So back to the beginning. I bought this kit from my local yarn store, A Knit Sheep. Lisa was hosting a virtual trunk show with Manos del Uruguay and this kit was one that they had set up. The kit had 2 sets of mini skeins, but I ended up just buying 2 identical sets (in the Henrietta colorway) and going from there.

It was a slow start. Actually, it was a fast start in that I was able to get through the first pink mini skein quite quickly. However, it was all wrong and so I ripped it out and started over. Hence the slow start. So what happened? I quickly watched some crochet videos on YouTube and jsut went for it. I had no clue how to count stitches (there’s only one on the hook!) and didn’t know which stitches I was supposed to knit into. Heading to YouTube and reaching out to a friend turned the mess on the left into the beauty on the right:

Much better

So once I redid the pink mini skein, it was smooth sailing from there. I decided to insert the white stripes in between the mini skein colors because I thought it would break up the colors and it did just that. I love how the stripes look. I didn’t count the rows for the mini skeins. I just worked them until I ran out of yarn after working a wrong side. The only ones I counted were the white rows and I did 4 rows total. I probably could have gotten away with 6, but the thin stripe is perfect!

When I finished the project, the fabric of it was a bit denser than I was expecting. Single ply yarn is generally very soft and so I guess I expected it to feel squishier or softer. It just felt a bit dense and tight. Blocking this project changed it tremendously. It’s now as soft as I was thinking it would be and lays so beautifully. The transormation was really something for this project. A lot of times blocking isn’t too noticeable, but in times like this one, it really does change the fabric.

Check out more and see it in person here:

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