Shop Update – Wednesday, January 22 at 8pm ET

Hi everyone! My shop, agirlandherwool, will be restocked with Ready to Ship skeins of yarn tomorrow at 8pm ET. I’m excited to offer more regular shop updates with ready to ship skeins. They will be available on the Sock base in 100g and 50g skeins. Not sure what you want to make out of aContinue reading “Shop Update – Wednesday, January 22 at 8pm ET”

Did somebody say Rose Gold?

There are three new colorways in the shop that you can order in any size skein and quantity. They are:1. Rose Gold: a variegated yarn with gold and rose tones throughout. (Pictured above)2. Pinot Knit-oir: The deepest rose in the gradient set. (Pictured below)3. Golden Hour: The deepest gold in the gradient set. (Pictured below)Continue reading “Did somebody say Rose Gold?”

Shop Update – Monday at 8pm ET – All the Kits

Did I hear you say… yarn kits? My mantra at agirlandherwool is all about buying the yarn you need for your project. Sometimes putting the yarn together is the hardest part, especially when you are looking online and you can’t hold the skeins next to each other. Well, I’ve sorted that problem out for you.Continue reading “Shop Update – Monday at 8pm ET – All the Kits”

agirlandherwool – Shop Tips

Shopping at agirlandherwool is a little different than shopping with other hand dyers, so I figured I’d give some tips to make sure you find exactly what you need. My first, and most important, tip is to use the sections! My shop has the following sections year-round:1. Skeins2. Ready to Ship!3. Yarn KitsThe others areContinue reading “agirlandherwool – Shop Tips”