Shop Update – Monday at 8pm ET – All the Kits

Did I hear you say… yarn kits?

My mantra at agirlandherwool is all about buying the yarn you need for your project. Sometimes putting the yarn together is the hardest part, especially when you are looking online and you can’t hold the skeins next to each other. Well, I’ve sorted that problem out for you.

I spent the weekend planning kits and dyeing yarn just to help you find the right sets for your projects. There will be all new listings with some of your favorite colorways in both 2 skein and 3 skein kits. I do have some yarn ready to ship but remember that you can always choose the size of your skeins. If you don’t see the combination of size skeins you want in the custom listings (for example, a 150g skein paired with an 85g skein), please reach out! I’m limited on the number of variations I can offer, but I am more than happy to dye up the sizes you need.

I also have returning colorways that are available ready to ship, in kits and as custom skeins!

The photos below are some of the kits that will be offered. Keep an eye on Instagram or Facebook for more photos. I hope to see you Monday at 8pm ET!

Two Color Shawl Kits – Custom sizes available

Blue Tundra/Arctic Chill
Love at First Sight and Shady
Rose Tea/Overnight Oats

Three Color Shawl Kits – Custom sizes available

Arctic Chill/Blue Tundra/Shady
Pebbles in the River, Love at First Sight and Berry Pie
Rose Tea, Shady and Pebbles in the River

Returning Colorways
Love at First Sight
Berry Pie

Love at First Sight: A beautiful white skein with pops of pink, purple and gray. It is a speckled skein that will keep your interest as you craft with it. I named this colorway because it is based on one of the first colorways I dyed. After I dyed it, I knew I loved hand dyeing yarn and agirlandherwool was born! Love at First Sight is available as an individual skein (custom size skein and quantity) and in kits as pictured above.

Berry Pie: A delicious berry pie themed skein. It is a variegated yarn with blue and brown all throughout the yarn. It has speckles of berry over the top, just dripping along the skein. This recipe is slightly different than earlier versions of Berry Pie and I hope you love the new rendition. Berry Pie is available as an individual skein (custom size skein and quantity) and in kits as pictured above.

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