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Shopping at agirlandherwool is a little different than shopping with other hand dyers, so I figured I’d give some tips to make sure you find exactly what you need.

My first, and most important, tip is to use the sections! My shop has the following sections year-round:
1. Skeins
2. Ready to Ship!
3. Yarn Kits
The others are seasonal or limited edition sections.

Some of these will change, but Skeins, Ready to Ship and Yarn Kits will always be there.

What are “Skeins”
– All items in the Skeins section are where you choose the size of your skein and which base you want. You can choose any size skein from 5 grams up to 100 grams. For bases, I currently offer a Sock base and a DK base. Want more? Let me know!
Sweater knitters and crocheters – You can also choose a custom quantity! If you want 500g total of yarn, you have options! You can buy five 100g skeins or two 250g skeins or any other combination you want. The quantities you need are always available.
– These listings ship in just a few business days, which matches many other shop’s “ready to ship” policies.

Colorways are available in any size skein and on any base

What’s available in “Ready to Ship!”
– These skeins are sold as is, whether they are regular colorways or one of a kind (OOAK).
– You’ll mostly see 100g skeins on the Sock base, but other size skeins and bases may be available as well.
– You may find mini skein sets here as well when available.
– All of these listings are sold for a discount over their custom counterparts. Always check this section when shopping at agirlandherwool!
– These listings ship next day. There’s no wait to receive your yarn!
– Want to see more listings available in this section? Send me a message with what you would like to see, and I’ll do my best to oblige.

What about “Yarn Kits”
– I love to pair my colorways with a fun contrasting color that is often not sold on its own in the shop. These contrast skeins make great mini skeins for heels, cuffs and toes for your socks. What’s even better is that since you pick the size of your skein, you can choose to order the main colorway in a smaller skein so you don’t have too much.
– The contrast skeins also pair well as a two color shawl kit. Even if the picture looks like one main color and one mini skein, you do not need to buy them this way. Remember, you pick the size of the skeins!
– I love creating mini skein sets. Lately, I’ve been creating sets based on new colorways in an almost ‘deconstructed’ way. These skeins are only available in the sets, but as always, you choose how small or large they are. You can buy ‘mini’ skeins sets as 20g skeins, larger ones as 100g skeins, or anything in between. Your choice!
– Yarn kits are sold for a discount over the corresponding set when you order the individual listings. While you are more than welcome to do that at any time, buying the sets are your best deal!

This set is based on the colorway “Last Christmas.” You can order the skeins in any sizes and on any base.

Tips to find what you are looking for:
1. Use the sections! Some listings look similar when you scroll through even though some are ready to ship and others are custom listings.
2. Use the photo of the conversions in the listings to help you convert yards to grams!
3. Ask me if you want to see two colors photographed next to each other.

I hope this guide helps you navigate through the shop. Reach out with any questions at any time! You can use the Contact Me page on the website or message me on Etsy!

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