Did somebody say Rose Gold?

There are three new colorways in the shop that you can order in any size skein and quantity. They are:
1. Rose Gold: a variegated yarn with gold and rose tones throughout. (Pictured above)
2. Pinot Knit-oir: The deepest rose in the gradient set. (Pictured below)
3. Golden Hour: The deepest gold in the gradient set. (Pictured below)

I can’t stop with the Rose Gold. No seriously. That’s not all. I love this kit and skein so much that I immediately had to start thinking of what I can make with it. Meanwhile, I was also thinking about how I want to knit a Time Trades shawl and so why wouldn’t I put them together? Instead of keeping it all for myself, I created some kits for all of you as well.

  • Kit 1 uses the Rose portion of the gradient along with the deepest Gold (named “Golden Hour”) and Overnight Oats.
  • Kit 2 uses the Gold portion of the gradient along with the deepest Rose (named “Pinot Knit-oir”) and Overnight Oats
  • Kit 3 uses the 5 skein version of the gradient set (also listed in the shop) with Overnight Oats and Black Hole

To say that I’ve decided which kit I’m going to use for my own is definitely a false statement. I honestly cannot decide.

In addition, I also created some two and three skein kit options as well. As always, you choose the size of your skeins and you can mix and match. Looking for a sock kit or shawl kit has never been easier!

Check out the shop for more details!

I just can’t stop. Let me know what you think and be sure to check out the shop on Etsy. Links at the bottom of this page or on the homepage!

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