Yarn Clubs -New Clubs for 2021

Hello! Happy Saturday. I hope you all have a great weekend and get to cozy up with some crafting. I am busy dyeing all of the Radvent Wrap kits this weekend. I can’t help start prepping for 2021 though and so I’m outlining some new clubs coming to the agirlandherwool shop!

Also – December clubs launch tomorrow, November 15th!

Current Yarn Clubs

I currently offer mystery yarn of the month clubs. All you know is the picture I use for inspiration and that is it! I offer them as 1 month clubs or 3 month clubs, with the pricing more favorable in the 3 month club.

In the mystery yarn of the month club, you choose the following:
1. Base – Sock, BFL Sock or DK
2. Size of the Mystery Skein: 20g to 100g
3. Whether or not you want a contrast skein, and if so, what size skein: 20g to 100g

Each month yarn club launches on the 15th of the prior month. This means that the December yarn clubs launch THIS SUNDAY, Nov 15th.

On the 15th of every month, when the new club launches, I share a photo of the prior month’s club. On this day, you can order that colorway without the mystery. If you don’t love mysteries, just check in on my instagram, agirlandherwool, on the 15th of the month.

New Yarn Clubs – Launching January 2021

There will be new clubs launching in January 2021. Reach out or comment on this post if you have any thoughts on which ones you are most interested in. I’d love to hear it! All new clubs will launch in December, but make sure you check back here for more details.

Mystery Yarn Clubs will now be offered in 6 month and 12 month timeframes. Purchase the club and then forget about it until the yarn shows up on your doorstep.

Mini Skein Yarn Clubs
I will be launching a brand new club featuring mini skeins. The mini skein club will either be 5 mystery minis or a themed set based on that month’s colorway. I’m leaning towards the latter option. You’ll be able to purchase these in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

Dye with Me Yarn Clubs
Dye with me yarn clubs will feature colors from the Dye with Me vlogs I post over on YouTube. You can feel more a part of the process by purchasing the yarn we dye up during the vlogs. These will only be offered 1 month at a time when I have a better idea of what’s to come.

Rainbow Yarn Club
I will be offering up a limited time option to have a part of the rainbow club! Similarly to my Not In Kansas Anymore colorway, I will dye up a colorway that is rainbow themed, but not necessarily in your face rainbow. I’ll take a different interpretation at a time and bring a new technique in each skein. This will only be offered in 1 month and 3 month clubs and will run from January to March 2021. After that, I will have a new limited series theme.

Yarn Clubs – Reward Programs

The yarn clubs do have a rewards system set up. The rules work as follows, but feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions.

1 Month Yarn Clubs
One month yarn clubs earn points towards 10% off coupon codes.
Every 100g of the mystery color that you order earns you a 10% off coupon code.
This accumulates between months so if you like 50g skeins, every other month, you’ll earn a 10% off coupon for my shop. If you order 100g skeins, you’ll receive a 10% off coupon every purchase.
You do not earn points for the contrast skeins.

3 Month Yarn Clubs
Three month yarn clubs come with a coupon each purchase. The value of the coupon is based on how many grams of the mystery color that you order. When you place your order, you choose what size skeins you want to receive. This amount will be the same in all three shipments. If you order 100g Mystery skeins, you will receive a 100g skein each month for 3 months.
The value of the coupon code is your total grams of the mystery skein for all three months, divided by 10.
Example. If you order 100g mystery skeins for the 3 month club, your first shipment will come with a 30% coupon code.
Example. If you order 50g mystery skeins for the 3 month club, your first shipment will come with a 15% coupon code.
You do not earn points for the contrast skeins.

6 Month & 12 Month Yarn Clubs
The six month and twelve month yarn clubs will work the same way as the 3 month clubs. Each coupon will be set at the start of the next 3 months.
The first coupon code will be based on Jan-March and will be included in the January shipment.
The second coupon code will be based on April – June and will be included in the April shipment.

Mini Skein Club, Limited Series Clubs (Currently Dye with Me and Rainbow)
These will follow along with the same idea as above. For the mini skein club, the rewards will be based on the total grams for the set. The other two clubs will apply just as above.

General Rules for all clubs
These rules apply to all rewards programs.
1. All coupon codes are valid for 3 months and the expiration date is included with the coupon code.
2. The code is a 1 time use code.
3. The coupon code is storewide, but there may be exclusions. You can see a list of all coupon code exclusions anytime in the Shop Announcements.

Thanks so much for reading! Use coupon code BLOGNEWS20 for 20% off through tomorrow, November 15th. You’ll be able to use the code for the December clubs launching on Sunday.

Check out more details here on Youtube:

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