Crafty Update – March 2021

Well hello there world. It’s been a while since I posted on the blog, but I’m more than happy to be back in action. I’ll be catching you up in some crafty goodness.

In general, I plan for this blog to mirror my YouTube channel to provide those who can’t or don’t want to watch vlogs to read about the same information. Feel free to follow me in either place, or both, but it should be the same information.

Today, I’m going to do a monthly catch up on all things crafty. I also want to introduce the blog to my craft journal, as I started one this year and have been enjoying tracking it.

Finished Objects

Did I finish anything in March…? Hmm… yes, yes I did! I finished the Eostre Children Cardigan that I knit for my niece Hannah. I will link to the vlog here and unfortunately, I don’t have a blog post about it. Let me know if you want to see one!

I knit up this sweater for my niece because she asked for it. I knit up two sweaters for two of my nieces, my brother’s daughters, when they were 5 and 3. Now, the 5 year old is turning 8 and expressed how she was sad she had grown out of that sweater. Too polite to ask for a new one, she never did! Well, now that she mentioned that, it was time to make another one. I picked out a simple cardigan with lace sleeves that I knew she would love. I knit it out of my yarn, agirlandherwool, in the Aurora colorway. She has seen photos of it in progress but not the finished sweater. Her birthday is soon and she’ll be receiving it in honor of that! I can’t wait.

That’s it. No other finished objects to speak of, but I’m very proud of that one.

Works in Progress (WIPs)

A list of the current WIPs as of the end of March:
1. Vanilla Oink Pigment socks – vanilla socks that I mostly work on while I’m dyeing yarn
2. Caladenia Shawl – Ambah O’Brien MKAL – mostly monogamously working on this one. I do have kits in the shop and I’m using the Spring kit. All other spoilers will come when the MKAL starts on April 1st! This Friday!
3. Moduloncho – Just started on this one this past weekend. Lots of squishy garter stitch, which I’m super excited about. More details will come on this one soon too.

Other News

The Rainbow club is now live in my shop. Once a month, you will receive a rainbow themed colorway. The three colors will form a fade. The clubs are available until April 10th and then these colors will never be for sale in the shop.

The craft journal sticker kits are up in the shop. I will do a separate post on these, but I’ve been using a craft journal as a way to track my projects in a memorable and keepsake way. I love flipping through it and putting pen to paper and writing some of my favorite things about my project.

I say this often, but I don’t consider myself a creative person. I understand the irony in all of this, but I’m not someone who can draw or write nicely and I couldn’t come up with a pretty craft journal without the addition of these stickers. They make the pages vibrant and fun and all I need to do is write down the facts, a few memories and it is good to go. I can change how I use them page by page and I’m not stuck using a format the same way all of the time. The options are endless and I hope to continue bringing more stickers to the shop to allow for you to feel the same way.

Setting monthly craft goals
Writing memories about Hannah’s sweater

Today, I launched the May sticker kits. Here are some of the images below! I hope you check them out and enjoy!

That’s all the crafty news for today. I am excited to be back here on the blog and back with my needles. Feel free to reach out with any questions and I’ll be back on Friday with another post. We’ll be having a shop update with yarn and I’m excited to bring more spring to the shop.

My shop can be found here on this site:

If you are interested in watching the vlog, you can view it here:

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