FO Friday – Golden Dusk MKAL

I recently finished my Golden Dusk MKAL shawl, which is my first FO in a long time!

The usual details first:
Pattern: Golden Dusk MKAL / Tamy Gore
Yarn: agirlandherwool / Silk DK / 4 Spices Collection
Needle: Size 6
Cast on: 10/19/2020
Cast off: 1/17/2021
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

I have a finished object! I have a finished object!!

This is so exciting. I feel like I haven’t shared crafty progress in way too long, so thank you for your patience. I will say this project could have been done much sooner, but I’ll get into that in a bit.

I’ve always loved Tamy Gore’s designs and the Ashbrook shawl is one of my favorite makes. I knew going into this mystery knit along (MKAL) that I would love the end result of the project. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what an MKAL is, you basically work on the project without knowing what the end result is. The designer will release the pattern in separate clues, usually a week or two apart, and you just knit along in your blinded bliss. In some cases, it probably always work out well for everyone, but if you pick a designer you like, then I’m sure you’ll like the finished project.

This was definitely my mentality going into this project. I knew going into it that it would be a straightforward pattern and I would love the end result. I was not disappointed. It turned out to be just that. The pattern it close to stitch sampler in some ways and it really feels that way as you work on it. You move quickly from garter to garter stripes to brioche, add some lace, mosaic knitting, short rows. Basically if you can think of it, this pattern has it. It only has it for a few rows at a time though. #PotatoChipKnitting to a T.

In the end it’s a large shawl, it does use 4 colors after all. The way that it is designed though, it doesn’t feel that large. I think some of that has to do with the squishiness that is garter along with it being a heavier weight yarn. Instead of being wider, it’s thicker. For me, it’s totally wearable and I plan to wear it. Lots.

The yarn is my hand dyed yarn, agirlandherwool in the silk DK base. It’s a 50% SW Merino / 50% Silk DK base and it is really lovely yarn. It’s shimmering and soft and I’d line my bed in it if I could. The base makes the colors just brighten up and shine and it just makes the shawl that much nicer.

I do have kits for the shawl in my shop, but it is on my regular DK base (SW Merino/Nylon blend). I’m not currently offering the silk DK base, mostly because I think you need to see it in person to appreciate it. As of now, I’m planning on it being a festival only base, but if you are interested, definitely let me know.

Overall, A+, a perfect start to the crafty year. Have you knit a Tamy Gore design? I’d love to know!

Check out more and see it in person here:

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