Shop Update – April 2021

I know I haven’t been posting here much, but I have started monthly shop updates in my shop. They are the first Friday of every month and what do you know? Today is just that!

Shop News
The Rainbow Club is now live and you can purchase it through April 10th. Each month, you will receive a rainbow skein and all three together will fade. It’s a limited edition club and these colorways will never appear back in the shop! Don’t miss them!

If you follow along with the Dye with Me vlogs on YouTube, you probably know that I have a Dye with Me club. This is how you can purchase the skeins we dye up in the vlogs. I do plan to write posts about them as well, so you can follow along here from now on if YouTube isn’t your thing. The Dye with Me clubs are now reopened for the May 1st renewal. By signing up for the club, you will have your membership renewed on May 1st and then receive a skein from April.

I showed the new May sticker kits on Tuesday, which you can check out here.

May is coming, which is my birthday month. Stick around for more news later this month because I will be offering up something special to celebrate!

Last month in March, I started introducing some more Spring colors and this month, I continue to do so. WIthout further ado, here is what is now in the shop.

Returning Colorways

The spring rainbow gradient is back in the shop. This was a beloved gradient last year and I can’t wait to have it back in the shop. I’ll have a sample to show you soon and so make sure you’re following along to see when I post it. I’ll be sure to post it on Instagram as well. The spring rainbow gradient set is available on sock and DK and of course you pick the size of the skeins.

Each skein is a light, pastel version of a shade in the rainbow with speckles of the same color on it.

Before the Rain is also back in the shop. This is a light gray blue with some slight gray speckling. I love the smell in the air before it rains. When you can sense the rain coming but it hasn’t quite appeared yet. The sky is still blue but those clouds come rolling in. April showers and all that.

New Colorways

Frostbite – quite the name for a Spring color, huh? I know, I know but this was the December club colorway and I couldn’t wait any longer to release it. This was a popular club color and I wanted to make it a regular asap. It’s a light gray and white base. Some of the gray base has a twist of a blue in it as well. There are bits of a loving red (no better way to explain it. Not quite bright red, not too dark either. Just a rosy red) that will speckle throughout the skein. It’s paired with a perfect tonal deep red.

Lovebite – the perfect tonal pairing for Frostbite. This was the contrast skein for the December club and I just love it on its own. It’s a deep tonal red with bits of a dark blue to just blend it into a lovely textured tonal. Available on its own or as part of a two skein set where you choose the size of the skeins. I also will have this as a secondary option for the Emelyn Mae shawl kit.

Meadow – this is a colorway that I’ve had in my head for a while and I”m excited to bring it to the shop. It’s a lot of pastel colors but more flowers in a meadow than little girls bedroom. This will match a lot of colors in your stash or even ones in my shop. Let me know if you want pairings and I can help you out. This will make a great colorway for a multi colored project where you need a light tone, but you don’t want a neutral.

Sweet Tooth – a new 5 skein mini skein set that I’m through the roof excited to share. I had a dye with me series over on YouTube where we used a cake photo for inspiration. In one of the vlogs, I dyed up a mini skein set and fell in love with it. It was so springy and speckly and delicious. I had no formulas written down for it so I’ve now formulated it and made it into a regular colorway. Available in any size skeins.

That’s it! Make sure you check out the colors I’ve been featuring in the shop as well.

Leaving the shop at the end of this month is:
Cayenne Pepper
Smoked Paprika
Sea Salt
Purple Basil
Galentine’s Day – colorway and gradient set

Don’t forget to check out the Caladenia Shawl kits. The MKAL started today! Check out my instagram for photos of my completed clue 1.

Here’s a link to the shop. This will take you to the new items, but you can navigate to see all items.

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