Cyber Week Thank You

I wanted to write a heart felt thank you to everyone who visited the shop, favorited items and/or purchased yarn. I’m so grateful to each one of you.

When you open a little shop, you never know how people will react. I’ve continued to work on it because I enjoy it and hope that other people like it too.

I found it especially amazing that so many orders were for custom size skeins. I really hope you all enjoy that option in my shop. As a knitter myself, I cringe at the giant bag of leftovers I have (see my earlier post about scrap blankets). Each project I knit, ends up with a ball of yarn in that bag. I opened my shop with the idea of trying to eliminate that problem by offering skeins not in 100g increments. I keep my ship time low so that even custom orders ship in the same time frame as ready to ship items. I’m still thinking through a way of offering my colorways in custom increments ready to ship, but the quantity available field will be hard to keep up with. I will continue to think this through, but it may become an in person option only.

I hope my shop continues to grow so I can expand my colorway offerings and kits for everyone. If you ever can’t find what you are looking for, please reach out! I’ll do my best to help. Not sure how much yarn you need for your project? I keep a handy table in the photos to help, but I’m also available as well.

Again, to all the shoppers (at my shop and beyond), I hope you love the yarn starting to arrive in your homes. Let that creativity flow and let’s see what you make!

Lots of yarn ready to go to new homes.
Thank you again!

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