The Miraculous Never Ending Weekend

That’s a thing, right? Weekends that are infinitely long and you have absolutely no problem completing that to do list? I mean, weekends are made for all of the things you just too exhausted to do after school/work during the week. Why wouldn’t we be able to get everything done?

This is Friday-Lauren’s philosophy. I always have grand plans of everything I will absolutely be able to finish over the weekend. No problem. Sure enough, it never happens and Sunday-Lauren gets slammed with reality. Oh don’t worry, Sunday-Lauren is just as unrealistic because she thinks that everything left on the list will get done after work during the week. (Insert maniacal laughing giphy here).

I’ve always been a sheduler and I am pretty good to sticking to my schedule. It does help me get things done. The problem is that this is usually the step after my grand to do list. Once I sit down and plan things out, I realize it’s too much. I then prioritize, but remain optimistic that I’ll be able to “just get those 10 things done somewhere.”

So I’m sitting here waiting to go into my gym class and it’s already midday Saturday and I’m thinking of everything I still want to get done. For a piece of this craziness, the list below is my just my crafty to do list for the weekend:

  1. Crochet 1 toy for a niece (I’ve never crocheted before)
  2. Finish the 2nd sleeve of my Earnest cardigan (I’m probably more than halfway)
  3. Up to the heels of my Desert Vista Dyeworks socks(I’m probably 2/3 up the feet).
  4. Dye orders for custom skeins for the shop
  5. Dye a new gradient for the next shop update.

This doesn’t include all my other chores. Geez. Is this normal? Do you find that you over plan because of excitement of getting so much done? Realistically, I know I won’t be able to finish this, but I like lists and making progress.

If you need me, you know where I’ll be.

My Desert Vista Dyeworks socks as of a couple of days ago. Will I get to the heels soon??

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