On the WIP Side – 1.27.2020

Hello! It has been a while since I got a status of my current WIPs. I’m excited to share the projects that I am working on as they are all a lot of fun. Total: 6 WIPs (4 active)Knitting: 4 projects – 1 pair of socks, 1 sweater, 1 shawl and 1 blanketCrochet: 1 project –Continue reading “On the WIP Side – 1.27.2020”

On the WIP Side – 1.5.2020

Happy New Year everyone! Back to reality, I guess. My awesome break/craftcation was so wonderful that it made it that much harder to go back to work. Since I’ve been back to work, I’ve without a doubt not been as productive plus I did my last On the WIP Side post a bit late. ThatContinue reading “On the WIP Side – 1.5.2020”

On the WIP Side – 11.22.19

I have been down for the count this week. Man, I don’t remember feeling this sick for a long time. I usually can somewhat function, but this was a ‘just lay on the couch and hope this passes soon’ kind of thing. I basically watched a lot of The Office and Game of Thrones. WhenContinue reading “On the WIP Side – 11.22.19”

On the WIP Side – 11.14.19

I plan to post a weekly or biweekly update of my WIPs depending on how much progress I have made. Since this is the first one, it may be longer than normal because everything is new. If there is anything you want to hear more about, let me know if the comments. The titles ofContinue reading “On the WIP Side – 11.14.19”