On the WIP Side – 1.27.2020

Hello! It has been a while since I got a status of my current WIPs. I’m excited to share the projects that I am working on as they are all a lot of fun.

The active WIPs

Total: 6 WIPs (4 active)
4 projects – 1 pair of socks, 1 sweater, 1 shawl and 1 blanket
1 project – 1 blanket
1 project
Finished: 1 project
2020 Total Finished: 1

Charity Bumble Hat
Pattern: Bumble / tincanknits
Yarn: Cascade Heritage / Philadelphia and Valley Yarns Huntington / Black
Needles: Size 10.5 and 5
Gauge: I dont know
Cast on: 1/9/2020
Cast off date: 1/15/2020

As always, this was a fun and quick hat to knit up. After knitting the cascade yarn into my Neat Ripple blanket, I used the remaining leftovers to knit this hat. I held it double with the black yarn to make it a warmer hat. I’ll post a longer and more in depth post on the hat soon.

In general, my plan for the scraps this year is to knit 2 rows into the scrap blanket (there and back) and then use the remaining yarn on charity items until there is none left. I think this will be a great way to make some items for charity and use up all the scraps.

Time Trades Shawl
Pattern: Time Trades / Caitlin Hunter
Yarn: agirlandherwool / Time Trades Kit (Rose gold gradient / Golden Hour / Overnight Oats) / Sock base
Needles: Size 5
Gauge: one that works (it’s a shawl. I was on the train. It looked good)
Cast on: 1/16/2020
Cast off goal: 2/9/2020

The kit I am using for my shawl – available in the shop now!

I am obsessed with this shawl. You can see the progress in my WIPs picture at the top of the post. I think the progress has something to do with the gradient color changing. It does mark a good “hey, we’re on the next color already!” type of feeling that makes you believe you are zooming through the project. I’ve finished the gradient section, which means that I am now halfway through the shawl (I think). There are 3 charts and I’m on chart 2. Why this means I’m halfway? I don’t know. It just feels like halfway.

Ever since I dyed up the rose gold gradient, I needed to get it onto my needles. I created three different kits, the first uses the rose part of the gradient, the second uses the gold part and the third uses the 5 skein version, which have a shortened, but complete, gradient. In my kit, the contrast colors are Golden Hour (the darkest gold in the gradient) and Overnight Oats. Kit 2 is similar, but it uses Pinot Knit-oir (deepest rose color) with Overnight Oats. The third kit uses Black Hole and Overnight Oats. They’re all beautiful and if I had six hands, I’d probably knit all three versions at the same time.

This is all I’ve pretty much been working on, which is helping with the quickness of the knit. I hope to have this one wrapped up in a couple of weeks, which is great because I love having samples of my yarn.

Pavement Sweater
Pattern: Pavement / Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Once Upon a Corgi / Rodney / Aeron (tweed)
Needles: Size 5 (body) and Size 1 (neckline)
Gauge: 20 st per 4 in on size 6 needle
Cast on: 10/23/2019
Cast off goal: 1/12/2020 None

Almost finished with sleeve 1!

Since I did a write up on this project, I finished the body and most of sleeve 1. Funny story – I wrote about being up to the split hem last time – there is no split hem! Jokes on me. In any case, the body is all finished and I did like the length and fit when I tried it on. I think I also talked about having the wrong number of stitches and potentially maybe some had dropped at some point. It’s possible! I didn’t find any as of yet.

For the sleeves, I’m doing my own thing. First of all, the pattern has half sleeves, which for me, I don’t see myself ever making. So, full length sleeves for me. I also am doing my own decreases. I have larger upper arms comparative to the rest of me and so I started decreasing maybe 6 inches into the sleeve. From there, I started decreasing 2 stitches ever 2 inches and it’s fitting nicely. I also went up a needle size to size 6 needles because again, my arms are larger than the rest of me, comparatively.

That’s about it. I was working on this monogamously until I started my Time Trades Shawl, which has officially taken over my life. I #cantstopwontstop until it is finished. I’ll pick the sweater back up after that. It’s back to no expected finished date because I can’t control these gradient whims of mine. Who knows what will happen next!

January DVD Socks
Pattern: None featuring Fish Lips Kiss heel (Sox Therapist)
Yarn: Desert Vista Dyeworks / Vista / Silver Linings Playbook
Needles: Size 0
Gauge: 8 st per 1 inch
Cast on: 1/1/2020
Cast off goal: None

Slowly but surely, these socks are getting done. I’ve been bringing them to the movies and for some reason, they are going a little bit slower than socks seem to for me. I’m probably at the point where I should just knit up to the heels and finish those so they are ready for the next movie. However – see “Time Trades Shawl obsession” above. Can I knit lace during a movie? This might need to happen.

Northeasterly Blanket
Pattern: Northeasterly / Skeinanigans
Yarn: My hand dyed yarn in various test colors
Needles: Size 1 dpns
Cast on: 3/22/2019
Cast off goal: None

I have been working on my scrappy Northeasterly blanket as well. Once again, I don’t think I’ll have 5 colors finished before the end of the month, but maybe I finished two or three? I’ll check tonight and have a more complete update in the next WIP post.

1. Neat Ripple – I’m not sure that this has been inactive since my last post. I have a few stripes in it now though. I mentioned above that I’m going to be working on this slowly as I plan to also knit charity items as well.
2. Spinning – I NEED TO DO MORE OF THIS.

What’s Next?
There’s always something isn’t there? Well for now, I want to finish up the shawl and sweater that I have going. I also will have some more charity items soon.

I also thought through how I want to use up more yarn in 2020. I have some fun self striping yarn from Gynx yarns that I want to use in a Sock Arms sweater. I’m thinking I might dye up the main color for myself to really highlight the sleeves.

I also plan to finally knit up a Drachenfels shawl with some single ply yarn from Suburban Stitcher in my stash. I’m not sure about when either of these projects will happen, but they will happen in 2020.

There are fun Ready to Ship skeins in the shop. I loaded up some 50g skeins as well that make fun projects. Not sure what to do with a 50g skein? See my post about fun projects!

A new colorway is coming soon! Look out for a future post about it, but see the sneak peek picture below. In fact – blog readers can get 10% off their order of graffiti with code “GRAFFITIBLOG.” This will be valid from the launch of the colorway through the end of February 2020. It’ll be good on your any size skein or ready to ship items. Thanks for following along.

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