On the WIP Side – 11.22.19

I have been down for the count this week. Man, I don’t remember feeling this sick for a long time. I usually can somewhat function, but this was a ‘just lay on the couch and hope this passes soon’ kind of thing. I basically watched a lot of The Office and Game of Thrones. When Michael Scott got annoying, I flipped over to Game of Thrones. When I couldn’t handle head decapitations, back over to Dunder Mifflin. Oh right, I’m behind on the GoT thing. Blame it on my love of books. I’ve finally given in because people are threatening to just start spoiling, please don’t be one of them!

Some progress at least

Total: 6 WIPs (2 active)
Knitting: 5 projects – 2 Socks, 2 Sweaters, 1 blanket
Spinning: 1 project
Finished: 1 hat
2019 Total Finished (Goal- 30): 25

Earnest Cardigan
Pattern: Earnest / Joji Locatelli
Yarn: agirlandherwool / Rose Tea / Sock
Needles: Size 3
Gauge: 24 st per 4 in on size 4 needles.
Cast on: 10/30/2019
Cast off goal: 12/31/2019

You may or may not be able to see in the group photo above, but I started one of the sleeves for this sweater. As I mentioned last week, this sweater is a slow knit. I know that when I finish the body, I am going to want to be done. So, I’m knitting the sleeves and then the body will be as long as I have enough yarn for OR enough patience for. Again, this sweater is great. It’s going to be really comfortable and I am truly excited to have it. It’s slow though. Did I mention that? I also didn’t really devote too much time to it this week as I didn’t feel like knitting while I was sick. It’s also getting close to the end of the month and so I need to focus on my DVD socks. I’m still somewhat hoping I can finish this in 2019, but we’ll see.

November DVD
Pattern: No pattern (64 stitches) with a Fish Lips Kiss heel
Yarn: Desert Vista Dyeworks / Giant Peach / Vista (sock)
Needles: Size 0
Gauge: 32 st per 4 in
Cast on: 11/4/2019
Cast off goal: 11/30/2019

These socks are for my husband who has Men’s size 13 feet. It may not look like a ton of progress, but I’m moving up the feet pretty quickly. I only had a couple of days worth of commuting this week and was able to get a few stripes done. I have a family get together this weekend and expect I will knit passed the heels. Then I’ll just have his short legs and cuffs to do. Thanksgiving is next week and plain socks are great for when family is around! I’m positive I will finish these without stress before the 30th, but I am actively working on them.

Inactive WIPs
1. Pavement Sweater
2. Gnome Zombie Socks
3. Northeasterly
4. Spinning – Niagara Falls

Finished Objects
I finished a little baby hat for my cousin’s son’s birthday party tomorrow! I’ll post about it tomorrow or the next day when I have a picture of the little guy with it.

Not too much going on this week as I was down for the count plus had a shop update this week. More progress hopefully this week with the holiday weekend.

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