Winter Colors have Arrived!

Over here in the Northeast of the US, a snowstorm has come and gone. It was soon followed by a thunderstorm, so ya know, you win some you lose some. We did not have a white Christmas, but that’s pretty normal around here. Overall, the holidays were fine given the circumstances and I only have good things to be grateful for this time of year.

I plan to do a 2020 reflections post later this week and so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, the shop is fully loaded with some winter colorways, some returning and some new. Check out the details below and stay tuned for a fun coupon code!

I’ve got colorways in your any size skeins, sock sets (and shawl sets) as well as mini skein sets. Lots to see here! The headers are all links to the products, but they are linked to the Sock base. You can navigate to the “New Items” section to see everything.

Before we get into the colorways, I did re-list my 2020 fade/gradient advent calendar now that it has been revealed. You can check that out here in the shop.

For each colorway…

Skeins are available in any size. You can also choose any quantity so anything from a single mini skein to a sweater quantity to a 300g skein are available for your pickings.
Bases: Sock, BFL Sock, DK

For each sock set…

A sock set includes a main color and a contrast color. Calling it a sock set is a little deceptive, so my apologies. As the overall theme in my shop is of course any size skeins, you don’t actually need to pick a large skein of the main color and a mini of the contrast color. You really can mix and match the sizes of the skeins. If you want contrast heels, cuffs and toes, you can buy a typical sock set. Or maybe you just want to add a color highlight on the leg. You can also set these up to be a really fun shawl, two color hat or anything else you have your eye on. You can also switch them up and buy a large skein of the contrast and just a mini of the main color. The possibilities are endless!
Bases: Sock, BFL Sock and DK

For each mini skein set…

Each mini skein set comes with 5 related skeins. They are basically a decomposed version of the corresponding colorway. It’s a really fun way to break down a colorway. Again, calling it a mini skein set is deceptive as you can buy these sets from 5g to 100g. You pick the size of the skeins, but all 5 skeins must be of equal size. This means you can add them to your favorite scrappy blanket, knit a fun toy or crochet up an entire blanket. In fact, a friend of mine did crochet a blanket out of the Frozen mini skein set and it came out really incredible. I’m in awe of all of the crochet blankets she whips up!
Bases: Sock and DK


Frozen – the colorway
Frozen is a repeat colorway from last year with a new formula. It’s the same idea, just a bit more saturated. It’s filled with blues, teal, purple with bits of black and maybe a tinge of green. It’s a really fun winter colorway. It’ll be great for a fun pair of socks, but it would also be an amazing shawl or color for a pop of color to stick out under a coat.

Frozen – the Sock Set
Personally, I love to use contrast colors with my sock yarn. Based on the mystery yarn club orders, I am fully under the impression that you all do too. For Frozen, I paired it with a lovely cream tonal. If you know Overnight Oats, it’s similar in its base without any speckles.

Frozen – the mini skein set
The mini skein set is a real winter toned mini skein set. All of the skeins use the same colors from the main colorway but they all look so different. I just love the variety but how well they all go together. If you’ve seen the mini skein set in my shop before, it’s the same one! It’s been a really popular mini skein set and I’m happy to have it back in the shop.

Girl on Fire – the colorway
Girl on Fire is also a returning color from last year. We often think about cooler and darker tones for winter, but who doesn’t love curling up next to the fire with a good book? We all know the fire is so delightful after all, right? Girl on Fire is a bright red-hot colorway that will keep you warm all winter long!

Girl on Fire – the sock set
I decided to pair Girl on Fire with a deep red tone. It has a layer of black on it, but the color gives off an overall brown tone. The reds in both of the skeins just really play off of each other really well here.

Girl on Fire – Mini Skein Set
The mini skein set is just as bright and cheerful as the main colorway. This will add a pop to a yoke of a sweater or brighten up a hat for you or your charity projects! Each mini skein involves reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. Just an overall cheery mini skein set.

Kissed at the End – the colorway – NEW!
I had to come out with a new colorway for the winter, but I wasn’t feeling the festive colorways. I wanted a standard winter feeling, especially with the previous two bright colors. I’ve currently been obsessed with the pink and green combos and so I used that in this colorway. Overall, it turned into a really good winter/moody color that has bits of color in it to keep you interested. This is definitely the color I would personally use for a sweater and I do think it will work in a textured pattern as well. Of course, it will work for socks and accessories too!

Where did the colorway name come from? Well, you see, this one time my mother-in-law was trying to remember a movie they had just watched and enjoyed. She couldn’t remember the name though and so we were asking what was it about? She couldn’t remember that either but what she did remember was “They kissed at the end!” which you know, narrows it down to just about every movie on the planet. Since then, that has been a running joke in the family whenever a story is told. I knew it had to be a colorway name and it fit this colorway perfectly.

Kissed at the End – the Sock Set
I really didn’t want to bring in the brown or gray as a tonal to this color. I wanted the contrast to be a brighter color to contrast the darker tones of the colorway. I decided to bring in the pink with just some brown, but I did not tone it down too much.

So that is it for now. These are the colorways. They will probably be available on the worsted base soon.

Coupon codes! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @agirlandherwool for an ongoing coupon code for 10% off your order. You can also get the code by checking out my YouTube channel as well. I just don’t want it printed in a blog post. I don’t know if that makes sense. If you can’t find the code, just let me know! The code is ongoing here at as a thank you for following me. You can use it anytime, as many times as you want. There will rarely be exclusions, but when there are, you can find them on my Shop News page.

Introductory Coupon Code! You can use the 10% off coupon code anytime, but I will be giving my blog readers a special 15% off code for these listings in this post through the end of the year. The code BLOGWINTER2020. Thank you all for an incredible year. Feel free to reach out with any questions and let me know which colorway you are most excited about!

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