On the WIP Side – 1.1.2021

It’s Wednesday and I’m here to chat all about my current works in progress. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it brings you some joy during the work week. Definitely check out my YouTube channel to see any projects “in person.” I’ll be showing my current WIPs in this Friday’s 2020 reflections vlog. I’ll also be writing a blog post that will go live here on Saturday.

Total: 6 WIPs (2 active)
5 projects – 3 shawls, 1 pair of socks and 1 blanket
1 project – 1 blanket
0 projects
Finished: 0 projects
2020 Total Finished: 23

Slipstravaganza Shawl – Stephen West MKAL
Pattern: Slipstravaganza MKAL | Stephen West
Yarn: agirlandherwool | Sock base | Speckled Orchid, Hibiscus Tea, Dragonfly and London Fog
Needles: Size 2
Gauge: IDK
Cast on: 10/9/2020
Cast off goal: Hopefully soon!

Well, it’s been a while, but I’m still knitting away on this shawl. The past couple of months have overall meant less knitting time, but when I can knit, I’ve been working on this. My hope was to finish it before the end of the year, but there’s not enough time left. I’m still working through it though.

At this point, the shawl is far from a mystery. I’m up to the last section, which is a chevron striped border. You have the option of 3 stripes (one in each contrast color) or 6 stripes (two in each contrast color). It is so tempting to stop after three, but when I look at Stephen’s photos, he knit 6 in all of them. I feel I’d be doing the pattern wrong by ending early, especially when I still have more yarn left. I will say that, as expected, this thing is huge but, I have the benefit of planning to use it as a sample and therefore don’t need it to be wearable.

Golden Dusk MKAL
Pattern: Golden Dusk MKAL | Tamy Gore
Yarn: agirlandherwool | Silk DK base | 4 Spices Kit
Needles: Size 6
Gauge: IDK
Cast on: 10/19/2020
Cast off goal: none

I wasn’t working on this one for a bit because I really was focused on the West shawl. I did need a break from it and I know this shawl in general was moving a lot faster than the other one so I took it back out. I think I’m very close to finishing it and so I will post more about it soon.

1. Vanilla Socks – I’ve worked on them here and there, but not too much
2. Spinning – I haven’t spun.
3. Northeasterly – I have not worked on this as I need to pick out more colors. I’m really bad at working on projects if they are not ready to go.

1. Neat Ripple – This is on hold until I finish up the charity items with the colors that I have used so far.
2. Tan House Brook Shawl – 2 shawls is enough!

What’s Next?
I can’t even think of such things.

The biggest change to the shop since I last did a recap is that my shop is now here at agirlandherwool.com! There’s even a New Items section so you can check out the latest and greatest from me. I added some fun winter colors, sock sets and mini skein sets, so I definitely recommend checking it out. There’s also ongoing mystery clubs, mini skein clubs and a dye with me club.

I was off from work this week and so I have been busy with new colorways. Check back soon as they will be live in the shop soon!

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