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If you look closely, you may notice something new at That’s right, I launched a shop here on my website. No worries, my Etsy shop isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why decide to open a shop here on your site?
There are quite a few reasons why having a shop here on my site in addition to Etsy is a good thing!

  1. Avoiding that infamous ‘having all of you eggs in one basket.” By having a shop in addition to Etsy means that if something happens to one of them, I still have the other with my yarn available.
  2. Etsy is a great site to host a shop. However, it is fairly simple in what you can offer. Followers on my shop know that I’ve been offering yarn of the month clubs. The back end of having clubs is fairly difficult on Etsy. Here on my website, I have more options in the products that I can offer. Being able to offer subscription products was probably the biggest motivation to launch my shop here. Long-term clubs will ONLY be offered here at
  3. Etsy is a great place to host a shop because people go shopping on Etsy. It’s a popular destination for people looking for handmade items and crafting supplies. When asked where they purchased something, the buyer will usually say “Etsy.” While not wrong, Etsy itself would even tell you that they are just a marketplace for shop owners. You technically have not bought anything from Etsy, but instead, the shop owners have bought virtual real estate and visibility to Etsy’s marketplace. As I grow my brand, it makes sense that the buyers I bring to the table shop within my store and not within Etsy’s.
  4. As a dye to order shop, I don’t have to worry about managing inventory within two shops. Most of my quantities are set to control my workload and not necessarily what I have available. You can always reach out to me if you need a quantity or base you don’t see available!

Why should I shop here when I’m used to shopping on Etsy?
In the end, you don’t have to. My Etsy shop isn’t going anywhere and you are more than welcome to continue shopping there if that is your go to website. I might try to entice you anyway…

  1. My current price structure migrated from my Etsy shop to here. In order to compensate for the fees that I pay on Etsy, I will be increasing the prices there in the near future.
  2. I will be offering up a coupon code for anyone who wishes to use it. You can use it anytime, as many times as you wish. This code is to be used indefinitely and I have no plans to remove it. That being said, I do reserve the right to remove the code even though I have no intention of doing so anytime soon. For the code, make sure you follow me on instagram and YouTube!
  3. There’s a good chance that products will appear here first and may only appear here on my site. All clubs that are longer than 1 month are only available here on my website!

Moral of the story…
My goal is to provide hand dyed yarn in a more cost effective way. It doesn’t matter to me where you buy my yarn from because each and every order I receive makes me do a happy dance. I appreciate all of you and your support of my little business here on the internet.

I will add that Etsy orders and orders will be treated the same. The processing times will always be the same and orders are treated on a first come first serve basis.

Again, thank you so much for shopping at agirlandherwool and I can’t wait to see what you make!

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