2021 Yarn Clubs are Here! Final Details!

Well, we did it folks. 2021 is right around the corner. This can only mean one thing. Well. It means a lot of things. It better mean a lot of things…

It means 2021 yarn clubs are here! Everyone, the clubs are up and live and you can purchase them now. Before you hop away, I have some important details to share.

Yarn Clubs are only available here at agirlandherwool.com! With the exclusion of single month clubs, you can only purchase clubs here on my website. Why? Etsy isn’t really set up to handle subscription products which makes the back end for me more hassle than it needs to be. With my own site, I’m able to offer more and more is what I’m offering.

Mystery Yarn of the Month Clubs

There will be no change to the mystery yarn of the month clubs. I post an inspirational picture and that’s all you know! You still get to choose the size of your mystery skein. You also have the option to order a contrast skein, although you do not need to. Just choose “None” under Contrast skein and you’ll only receive the mystery skein. You can mix and match the sizes you want so that you can make socks, shawls or whatever! You do you! Available on Sock, BFL sock or DK.

What’s new with Mystery Yarn of the Month clubs??
1. If you only like to buy one month at a time, you still can. Just select the “Ongoing subscription” clubs. You’ll pay for one month at a time with no obligations. However, you will need to cancel your subscription before the 20th of the month or you will pay for the next month.

2. If you want to pay upfront for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, you can do so. You’ll pay the sign up fee and then nothing else for the remainder of the subscription. These clubs do not automatically renew. Please be aware that the 12 month club is only available for a start date in January. Similarly, the 3 month and 6 month clubs will end when the last month is December. In other words, no club will roll into 2022.

Mini Skein Sets of the Month Clubs

A new sibling to the mystery yarn of the month clubs. Based on the same inspirational photo, I will create a 5 skein mini skein set each month. You choose the size of the skeins, but they all need to be the same. For example, you can select to have 10g minis, 50g skeins or even 100g skeins (with more in between) but all five skeins will be that one size. This club is only offered as a ongoing one month at a time club, but it automatically renews so you don’t need to keep signing up. Just cancel when you no longer want to participate. Available on Sock or DK.

Dye with Me Clubs

For fans of my dye with me vlogs over on YouTube, this club signs you up to receive the fun one of a kind skeins we dye over on my channel. For a low price, you will receive yarn each month that we dyed up in the previous month. It could be any size, any base or a mini skein set. You really won’t know, but for less than $20 a month, it is a great way to have a fun surprise in your mailbox every month. It automatically renews each month, but you can cancel anytime.

Limited Edition Series
I did originally plan on offering up a quarterly Rainbow club for the first quarter. I will instead offer that up from April – June. I still have Not In Kansas Anymore available through the end of the Pigskin Party for those who love a rainbow colorway.

Remember, clubs are now available. If you want to start with a January club, you must do so before December 20th. I may extend the date this month, but to guarantee a spot, please order by the 20th.

Thank you so much! These clubs are very popular and I love offering them. I will have a vlog on my YouTube channel air in the next day or so and when it is live, check back for it here. You can also check out this post for some more details including rewards programs. For any discrepancies, the details I lay out in this current post is the final decision. Make sure you follow me on Instagram or YouTube for a coupon code!

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