On the WIP Side – 9.9.2020

It’s Wednesday and I’m here to chat all about my current works in progress. After finishing up 2 projects last week, I barely knit this week, but I did finish another project. Just a couple of newer projects to show you. As always, I hope you are still all staying safe, happy and sane. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it brings you some joy during the work week. Definitely check out my YouTube channel to see any projects “in person.”

For Ravelry users: There are links throughout this post that link to Ravelry. If you are experiencing issues with the new Ravelry design, you may not want to click on those links. You can also see pictures on my instagram account, youtube channel or feel free to go to the contact form and send me a note if you have any questions.

Total: 4 WIPs (1 active)
2 projects -1 pair of socks and 1 blanket
1 project – 1 blanket
1 project
Finished: 1 project
2020 Total Finished: 22

Fish are Friends Socks – DONE!
Pattern: Vanilla Socks
Yarn: Lazer Sheep Yarns / Lazer Sock / Fish are Friends not Food
Needles: Size 0 Needles
Gauge: IDK
Cast on: 7/18/2020
Cast off: 9/2/2020

Like I mentioned last week, once I finished a couple of projects, I pretty much just had these socks on the needles. Having one project to work on meant one thing, I finished them! I think me having the motivation to finish up these socks is another testament to why my cast on parties work. I was in no motivation to cast on my Spark Cardigan. I haven’t yet. I posted about it last week assuming I would have by Wednesday (I usually stay a couple of days ahead of YouTube/the blog), but I never did. Instead, I finished up these socks. More to come in an upcoming FO Friday post.

Spark Cardigan
Pattern: Spark / Andrea Mowry
Yarn: agirlandherwool / Worsted / Whisper (MC) and Cinnamon Spark set (CC)
Needles: TBD
Gauge: IDK
Cast on: 9/1/2020 (LIAR!)
Cast off goal: 10/15/2020

That’s interesting. Not only have I not cast this on yet, but I didn’t even realize I set a finish goal for it. I better get to it. In all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to film a vlog of swatching and casting it on, which has partially slowed me down. So more to come soon.

Gingerbread House Socks
Pattern: Vanilla Socks
Yarn: Gynx Yarns | Power Sock | Gingerbread House
Needles: Size 0 – Flexi Flips!
Gauge: IDK
Cast on: 9/5/2020
Cast off goal: none

Okay okay okay. I get it. All I do is knit socks and then talk about how I don’t want to knit socks. It really is quite ironic. If you asked me in person, I would say “nah, I’m really not in a sock knitting mood and haven’t been knitting socks all year.” It’s not until you start writing a blog that you realize how much of a liar you are. I’ve basically only knit socks AND I’ve yet to cast on that sweater that I supposedly cast on last week! Sheesh.

That being said, I’ve also said how nothing beats a pair of vanilla socks for a great grab and go project. Another testament to the cast on party – this sock was cast on during my last cast on party and here it is. I’m actually almost at the heel. I basically knit on this while dyeing and there ya go, almost half of a sock. No sweater. No swatch. Just a sock.

1. Preemie hat – I’ve mostly finished a preemie hat, which I will include in a charity knitting recap coming soon!
2. Spinning – I’m almost done with my first braid, but I have not been spinning. I will do a longer post once that is finished.
3. Northeasterly – I have not worked on this as I need to pick out more colors. I’m really bad at working on projects if they are not ready to go.

1. Neat Ripple – This is on hold until I finish up the charity items with the colors that I have used so far.

What’s Next?
The Spark cardigan will be my past, present and future for the time being (…. are you buying this yet?). We’ll be hitting #sweaterweather soon and that means so much fall knitting. If you haven’t already, check out the Pigskin Party hosted by BostonJen of the Down Cellar Studio podcast. It launches September 25th-ish and I’m a sponsor. During the launch weekend, I’ll be hosting a virtual kick off event (more details soon) but if you are looking for a fun way to connect with other knitters this fall and winter, you should definitely check it out!

The shop is feeling like fall. If you missed the latest video about shop news, go check it out. A lot of behind the scenes changes and so many new colors. Summer colors are still discounted at 25% off.

I launched a new Dye with Me Fade Series. You can participate on YouTube by checking out the series. I’ve already published the dyeing of the first two skeins, so go check it out! There will even be a fun giveaway at the end of the series.

All three skeins!

September mystery yarn clubs are now available
until September 15th. Grab them now! October clubs will be published on Etsy on October 15th and enter a discounted pre-order time frame. I’ll remind you next week.

Check out the shop here. There are some great kits for shawls and socks along with good pairings for sweaters. Let me know if you need help with some color selections.

Check out the last installment of the Dye with Me series. You still have a chance to enter to win the set!

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