Shop Update – 5.25.2020 at 8pm ET

Hi everyone! I’m updating the shop tonight with a few new summer colorways. I introduced one last week, but I didn’t write about it here, so I’m including it as well.The update is tonight, Monday, May 25th at 8pm ET. Keep reading below to see what will go into the shop. You can also see a vlog about it on my YouTube channel, agirlandherwool.
There is a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!

Peach Perfect, Hello Gorgeous! and Plotzing are all new tonight!
That Summer launched last week!

Plotzing is returning to shop! I’ve changed the formula just a little bit to add a bit more blue to it. Overall, it’s a bright turquoise tonal yarn with blue streaks and black speckles. This colorway was developed as an ode to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. I love the colors of those waters. When my family heads to the beach, we often ‘plotz’ in the water, meaning we sit on the edge of just let the water pass over you. It’s a time to just sit, chat, laugh and be silly. Plotzing is a bright color that will pair well with others in my shop. I showed a few pairings on the shop update youtube video if you are interested in seeing more. I plan to post a few pairing listings in the shop!

Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect is another color returning to the shop. This is one that I reformulated quite a bit. It’s even more tonal and almost variegated. There are also some navy speckles on there to bring some more dimension to it. It’s another fun and bright colorway that works well with others in my shop.

Hello Gorgeous!
Hello Gorgeous! is the new neutral in my shop. With all of the recent bright colors, I wanted to make sure I added in a neutral as well. Hello Gorgeous! started during a testing session with some mystery mini skeins. I loved the colorway and decided it need to be added to the shop. After I dyed it, I just kept thinking about it reminded me of my grandmother. Whenever I called her, she would answer the phone with “Hello GAWGEOUS!” just like in Funny Girl. Hello Gorgeous! pairs well with the new colors also being introduced in the shop and with many others as well. It’s a fun gray base with speckles of a couple of browns and dark gray. The speckles makes the neutral more fun to work with.

That Summer
I introduced That Summer last week into the shop so you can certainly go get it now! That Summer is the Splash Pad Party exclusive colorway, meaning that it will leave the shop at on July 31st and may or may not appear next summer. It’s a coral/orange base with lots of blues and purples throughout the skein. It is such a fun and bright beachy colorway that will be great for socks and really anything that needs some brightening. It’s also available as a 5 skein ‘mini skein’ set. I always call it a mini skein set, but you can order them in skeins up to 100g each! The title refers to everything we are all going through right now. I can definitely see myself saying ‘you know that summer when…’ and we’ll all know exactly which summer.

The shop will be updated at 8pm ET on Monday, May 25th. I hope to see you there! Again, for a full run down, check out my vlog on YouTube.

But before you do, check out this fun GIVEAWAY!
I will be giving away one 100g skein on my sock base in one of the three new colors – Plotzing, Peach Perfect or Hello Gorgeous! To enter, comment on this post with 2 things.
First – if you win, which color do you want to receive? This is the color that I will send to you as the winner.
Second – what’s something you are looking for in my shop? A certain color, a new base, more sets, yarn clubs…? Anything you want to see from agirlandherwool?

You have until Friday, May 29th to enter. You can also enter by answering the same questions over on the Shop Update video on my Youtube channel. There will only be one winner so it might come from here or from YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Shop Update – 5.25.2020 at 8pm ET

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I would LOVE to win Hello Gorgeous! You already know that I am in love with your shop and channel after all of the orders I have placed since finding you on Etsy in April 2020. Your shop is already wonderful but I wouldn’t mind seeing more yellow tonals, grey tonals and purple tonals, with matching variegated skeins to compliment them. But any color is fine with me! Thanks for sharing and doing this giveaway.

    1. Thank you Kristie! I appreciate all of the support through the shop and on YouTube. Those are good ideas and I will definitely look to add more of those in the future. I do try to create variegated colors with matching tonals, but I think I’ve slacked on that a bit recently. Back to it!

  2. I would be thrilled to win Plotzing! I would love to see more bright colors (especially tonals) in your Etsy shop! I tend to be drawn to brighter shades, like Plotzing. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks for entering! Bright colors can be out of my own personal comfort zone, but there’s no better place to play with color than on yarn! I’m glad you love Plotzing and I”ll try to bring more of those into the shop soon!

  3. Hi Lauren

    When are you going to announce who won your giveaway that ended last Friday May 29th?

    1. Hi! I announced it on Saturday – the winner was over on the YouTube channel. You’ll see the comment there announcing it. I also posted it in my stories on IG that day.

      There will be more giveaways over time so stay tuned! Thanks for the support and participating!

      1. OMG! I can’t find it anywhere. Which video is it listed under?

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