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I am so happy to finally be writing this post and getting it out into the world. I finished this hat MONTHS ago and the only thing that has been holding me back are finished object photos. WHY? Why do I procrastinate taking those photos? I’m by no means a procrastinator in anythign except taking finished object photos. I guess we all have something.

Anyway, the hat is done. Today is Friday and I just snapped some photos of the hat. So, a FO Friday post after all!

The usual details first (especially since I’ve been MIA for a while!):
Pattern: Sam’s Hat / Tidal Yarns
Yarn: Tidal Yarns in various mini skeins
Needles: Size 5 (Colorwork) and Size 3 (brim)
Cast on: 4/12/2020
Cast off: 4/19/2020
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

The hat turned out great! As expected it is so warm and cozy. I literally knit most of it up in a day and just finished up the crown the following week. The yarn is rustic, but soft. I have absolutely no itchy feeling while wearing the hat. This is a warm hat and it will be so great for days when I’m outside and it is cold out.

I’ve mentioned this at some point, but here’s a refresher of this hat. I was at the CT Sheep and Wool festival back in 2019 and Tidal Yarns was one of the first booths I went into. I was definitely drawn to the yarn. She has beautiful natural dyed yarn and the tones of the colors are muted. That is definitely my style. We spent a lot of time in that booth. I have to say in general, the people running the booth at that festival were amazing. They were all so knowledgable and patient as I asked all of my questions. I love this stuff and it was so fun to talk to people about fiber.

Hanging out with some sheep at the CT Sheep and Wool Festival in 2019!
HA! I’m totally wearing the same shirt today for my FO photos!

The hat was set up as a sample and she had kits set up with some already chosen colors put together. I knew I wanted one of the sets and so I of course bought the combination she had in the sample. I didn’t take a picture though, so it’s entirely possible that I knit them out of order, but the colors themselves are the same.

I’ve had the kit sitting on my shelves waiting to be knit up. I honestly am not sure what took so long. I’ve always wanted to make it, I think I was just always distracted by the new and shiny. We all know how that can happen.

If you stumble across Tidal Yarns, I highly recommend checking out and buying something from her. The yarn really is beautiful and if she doesn’t have this kit available still, I’m sure she has others that are well worth it. This kit was out of some worsted weight yarn, which I think is all she had? That could be totally wrong. Again, it’s a nice warm hat, but it is so cozy, I didn’t mind wearing it on this gloomy day staying inside!

It feels good to be back on the blog. Thank you all for coming back and I have another post planned for this weekend in addition to getting back on my regular WIPs posts. Let me know if there’s anything you want to read about!

You can always check out my YouTube channel if you like seeing videos as well!

3 thoughts on “FO Friday – Sam’s Hat

  1. The hat looks great! I have been procrastinating on blocking things lately so I totally get it

    Also, I didn’t realize you were from New England! I’m assuming CT is Connecticut, that barn looks familiar from the one time I went to CT Sheep and Wool. I live just outside Hartford:)

    1. Thank you! It’s so hard to block and photograph when the weather is no longer appropriate to wear all of our makes!

      I’m technically not from New England – sorry! I grew up on Long Island and now live outside of Philly. I did live in Boston for a bit though. My parents moved up to CT once I was in college because we’ve spent a lot of time up in VT, but they were both still working in the NYC area. We went to the festival as part of a fun mother/daughter weekend. I drove up to their house the night before and we went to the festival for the Saturday. It was a great one and I definitely want to go back in the future!

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