FO Friday – Honey Bee Dance Socks

Another finished object! Again, I finished these a while ago at this point, but I’m so glad to finally be talking about them.

The usual details first:
Pattern: Honey Bee Dance Socks / Helen Stewart / Curious Handmade
Yarn: One Twisted Tree / Prime base / Rare Woman Claire
Needles: Size 0 dpns
Cast on: 3/29/2020
Cast off: 4/23/2020
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

It’s a little ironic that I cast on these socks because I’ve talked a lot how I’m not in a socks place and yet look at this. There are a lot of pros for socks:
1. They’re pretty quick. Especially if you think of them as two finished objects, which let’s be honest, why don’t we?
2. You can never have enough socks because they eventually are worn through + who wants to handwash socks that often + if you don’t need them, someone else does.
3. Generally, we can all knit socks without too much thought as long as we use our standard patterns. If you’re new to sock knitting – trust me – it’ll happen. Honestly? Right when you get to the point of knitting socks in your sleep, you stop wanting too…. like me. Then you knit them anyway.

Anyway, I bought the Handmade Sock Society season 1 set before it came out officially. Every two months, I received a new pattern in my library for an entire year! If you love knitting patterned socks, Helen offers an amazing deal for the quality work she sells. I forget what the cost was exactly, but even if you don’t like most of the patterns in the set, it’s still worth it for the couple you will. You’ll like most of them. I didn’t knit them as they came out because I was working on a lot of other things, as we all do, and decided I would be happy to knit them as I wanted to without feeling obligated to keep up with the various knit a longs. At this point, I’ve knit 4 out of the 6 patterns and have the 5th on the needles. Yup, I have more socks on the needles. Just ignore me. I don’t think I will knit the 6th because I’m not a huge fan and there really are endless amounts of sock patterns so I don’t really need to knit one just because it’s in a set.

I also would knit a bunch of them again. The Red Robin socks in particular is such a great pattern. It’s just a simple pattern that you don’t need to pay attention to and really adds some fun to the socks. It would be great for variegated or tonal yarn. I digress.

Back to the Honey Bee Dance socks. The pattern is just along the top of the foot and the front of the leg. It has an identical cable pattern along the outside with the simple lace/stockinette design in the middle that does in fact look like an insect of some sort. It is much more pretty than that description.

See? Pretty!

After a few repeats, I was able to master the pattern and just knit on these wherever without too much thinking. At one point, the cable pattern became uneven between the two sides. I did end up ripping it back because I thought it was just a few rows back. However, that darn heel was in the middle of those ‘few rows’ and so it turned into me ripping back quite a bit. That being said, they did go fairly quickly and I’m happy to have them complete.

This was around when I ripped back passed the heel. So close!

I did my own toe, a fish lips kiss heel, my own stitch count and ribbing. I also knit them toe up instead of cuff down. The only thing that makes this the Honey Bee Dance socks is the stitch design on the front. If you are curious to hear more about how I knit my socks, check out the FO Friday post on my YouTube channel for these socks. I talk all about it there. I did use a 1×1 twisted rib for the cuff, which isn’t my usual pattern. It was because I knit the socks with 52 stitches and at the time I thought that wouldn’t word with a 2×2 rib. I dont know. I can’t always be a mathematician I guess. We all need time off!

So another pair of socks in the books. I have 13 finished projects on the year, which I’m pretty stoked about. I spend a lot of my ‘knitting time’ dyeing these days and so I’m well on target to reach my standard 25 projects for the year. Of the 13, 3 are socks, which seems about right. I thought it would be 0, but I still consistently have them on the needles. What can I say?

Stay tuned for an update on all of my WIPs this upcoming Wednesday. I’ve been pretty monogamous and therefore boring, but I am finishing and starting projects so you will get a full update! If you missed my cast on party on YouTube, go check it out!

You can always check out my YouTube channel if you like seeing videos as well!

3 thoughts on “FO Friday – Honey Bee Dance Socks

  1. Hi and Happy Saturday!
    I love how your socks turned out and the color is perfect! I missed your kitties in the video. I did hear them! I never thought about setting a yearly goal number for my finished crocheted projects. I am a little nerveous that I may not reach the goal I set. then I would get down on myself for not reaching it. How do you stay positive if you don’t reach your goal? Maybe it would help me to learn to crochet faster. At this time I don’t have a lot of finished items. Sometimes I feel like I enjoy the buying and receiving of the yarn more and slack on getting things done. OMG! is this the start of a hoarder! LOL I might have to allow myself too ONLY buy 2 skeins a month and not 20.

    1. Hi Kristie! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. If you use Ravelry, they have a “challenge” where you can input how many projects you want to finish and it’ll show how many you have completed. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if I hit that or not. I usually am around 25-30 projects each year. To me, it’s not about the number and I thought going into this year that I would make a lot of larger projects, so I didn’t want to set a goal. It’s still nice to see and know I am finishing projects even if it doesn’t always feel like it! I think you’ll go through phases of feeling like you don’t finish anything and then times where you finish a lot. As long as you’re enjoying what you are doing, it doesn’t really matter.

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