agirlandherwool Advent Calendars 2020 – 8pm ET tonight!

Hello! How are you? Are you holding up okay? Crafting all the things? I sincerely hope that you are all okay and that you are finding a way to both navigate through this current pandemic. It’s not easy, but we have to push forward.

I hope I can distract you with yarny-goodness in the form of advent calendars! If you are unfamiliar with how this works, in the essence of normal advent calendars, you will receive 25 skeins of yarn that you can open one of each day. Generally, for the first 24 days, you will open 1 mini skein of yarn each day. On the 25th day, you will open 1 100g skein. I’ll have other options available, so keep reading, but that is the general idea. Oh yeah, and it all comes as a surprise!

I’ll be offering two different advent calendars based on your taste. Here’s a general idea of what they will be. The rest is a surprise!

Advent 1: Fade / Gradient
In true agirlandherwool fashion, I must offer a gradient. I love dyeing these so much and you all seem to love making with them. This set will be a gentle gradient through some wintery themed colors. It will NOT be a Christmas theme color. Think more mountains covered in snow. That’s all you get!

Advent 2: Random Mystery Skeins
I can’t help but also offer a set that will be random minis each day. There will be no theme, other than agirlandherwool, and you won’t know what to expect until you unwrap that mini each day. It’ll be a lot of fun and a huge mystery for you.

Both of the above sets are yarn only. There will not be an extra gifts in these sets.

For the agirlandherwool options, you will get to choose from the following:
1. You can pick any base I offer-
Sock – 75% SW Merino / 25% Nylon Fingering Weight
BFL Sock – 80% SW BFL/ 20% Nylon Fingering Weight- coming soon!
DK – 75% SW Merino / 25% Nylon DK Weight

2. You can select if you receive 10g minis OR 20g minis

3. You can select if you receive all 25 skeins as minis OR 24 minis plus one 100g skein for Dec 25th.

The calendars will go live in my shop, tonight at 8pm ET, so set the timers. The calendars will not ship until late October/early November and I will make sure there is enough time to receive the packages before December 1.

I’m really excited to create these and I hope you are excited about them too!

I’ll try and post more teasers throughout the year, but please feel to reach out with any questions.

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