Shop Update – 3.9.2020 at 8pm ET

Hi everyone! I will be loading the agirlandherwool shop up with a lot of Ready to Ship skeins this upcoming Monday, March 9th at 8pm ET. Keep reading below to see what will go into the shop. You can also see a vlog about it on my YouTube channel, agirlandherwool. This week’s update is all about the colors I used in my Ashbrook Shawl! Plus, I have one OOAK colorway.

Before the Rain / 4th and Goal / Denim

Before the Rain
This colorway is a tonal light blue-gray with speckles of dark gray. It will be available on the Sock base in 100g skeins. This colorway is light, but the blue definitely comes through. I think it’s a great color to use as a neutral with many other colors.

4th and Goal
This colorway was originally designed as part of the Pigskin Party. I love this colorway (and so many of you do too!) that I decided to keep it as a shop regular. This colorways is a pink/brown base with lots of speckles of brown, mauve, peach and blue. It’s a fun variegated skein that would make a beautiful pair of socks or be the the highlight of a multi colored shawl. It will be available on the Sock base in 100g skeins

Denim is a tonal blue with all shades of blue. It uses the same blue as 4th and Goal, which is why I love these two colors together. As a denim blue, it pairs well with lots of colors, just like blue jeans. It will be available on the Sock base in 100g skeins.

Whoops because Yay!

One of a Kind (OOAK)
I made a mistake with a custom order I was dyeing up and so I added some fun color and here we have a new colorway. It is a pink/brown base with teal, green, purple and black all over it. It is available on the DK base in 100g skeins. I honestly think this would make amazing mittens, but they would also do well as a hat, warm shawl or thick socks.

The shop will be updated at 8pm on Monday, March 9th. I hope to see you there!

Again, for a full run down, check out my vlog on YouTube. You can also see more colorways that are currently in the shop as Ready to Ship skeins!

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