FO Friday – Two Color Socks

I’m so excited to show off these Two Color Socks. They were really fun to work up and I’m excited to have them as new shop samples! As always, here are the fun details first:Pattern: Two Color Socks / Joji LocatelliYarn: agirlandherwool / BFL Sock base / Pebbles in the River and Love at FirstContinue reading “FO Friday – Two Color Socks”

On the WIP Side – 4.1.2020

Still hanging in there? Finding more time to craft or is everything completely turned upside down. Just know I’m thinking about everyone and hope you are all safe, healthy and happy. I’ve definitely been productive so I’m excited to fill you in on all of the projects. Definitely check out my YouTube channel to seeContinue reading “On the WIP Side – 4.1.2020”

On the WIP Side – 3.25.2020

Well, how are you? Holding up okay? I hope this short blog gives you some escape from whatever crazy life you are currently living. I hope you all are staying sane, healthy and safe. I missed last week’s On the WIP Side post, mostly because I only had 1 project, so I’m excited to fillContinue reading “On the WIP Side – 3.25.2020”