Finding the Perfect Knitting Project… Featuring Faerie Shadow!

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Faerie Shadow is a colorway that has been a staple in the shop for a long time. It’s typically a winter color because I love the darker tones in it. This colorway is a gray base with tones of purple and a dark green. I love the combination!

Generally, I pair this colorway with Black Hole, a tonal charcoal gray/black. It’s a great combination for those who aren’t looking for anything too bright but to still have some color in it too.

Faerie Shadow is also a popular gradient set in the shop, which you’ll see more of later…

Two Color Projects
Like most hand dyed skeins of yarn, Faerie Shadow is great for a vanilla sock. You’ll have a more neutral color with pops of purple and tones of green. The black speckles will also create come depth and well, shadows. It’s available as a sock set with Black Hole in the shop!

Because of the dark black, I would definitely consider this for a sweater. I know knitting with black yarn wouldn’t be ideal for everyone, but Black Hole is more of a dark gray. That being said, I think Faerie Shadow would make a lovely sweater with Black Hole as the contrast. There are so many great two color sweaters. I love everything that Jennifer Steingass designs. I knit an Altheda sweater and lived in it all last winter. I can’t wait to be able to wear it again.

Of course, the Illuminate sweater by Andrea Mowry is really popular right now as well.

I’ve had my eye on this sock pattern for a while and always try and think of what color combination I would use for it. I think it would be great with bright colors, but again, if that’s not your thing, Faerie Shadow is a great option! The pattern is Echoes by Liz Harris.

I honestly can just keep going and going. If you follow me, you know I love Brioche. I absolutely loved knitting the Winter’s Eave pattern and it’s my most worn shawl! In fact, I think this might need to be a shop sample. Just saying!

This would also work well with mosaic knitting patterns and there are endless choices across Ravelry or Etsy or wherever you choose to shop for patterns.

Gradient Patterns
Speaking of mosaic patterns, what a better way to use one that with the gradient set. Ambah O’Brien’s Kentia Wrap would be a great option for the gradient set paired with Faerie Shadow. Ambah also has other designs with the same style for a hat or cowl. Matching sets, anyone?

I hope this helps you all find some inspiration to knit up projects!

Make sure you check out Faerie Shadow and Black Hole in the shop! Don’t forget that Faerie Shadow and Black Hole are November colors of the month. This means that along with being available as Ready to Ship items that I restock throughout the month, you can also use the custom order listings to order exactly the right amount of yarn you need. From minis to 300g skeins on a variety of bases, you never have to buy too much or too little yarn.

Comment below with your ideas for these colors or any pattern that comes to mind.

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