On the WIP Side – 7.29.2020

It’s Wednesday and I’m here to chat all about my current works in progress. It’s been a pretty sweater filled monogamous week. As always, I hope you are still all staying safe, happy and sane. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it brings you some joy during this tumultuous time. Definitely check out my YouTube channel to see any projects “in person.”
For Ravelry users: There are links throughout this post that link to Ravelry. If you are experiencing issues with the new Ravelry design, you may not want to click on those links. You can also see pictures on my instagram account, youtube channel or feel free to go to the contact form and send me a note if you have any questions.

Total: 6 WIPs (2 active)
4 projects -1 sweater, 2 pairs of socks and 1 blanket
1 project – 1 blanket
1 project
Finished: None
2020 Total Finished: 17

Altheda Sweater
Pattern: Altheda / Jennifer Steingass
Yarn: Rauma Finull PT 2
Needles: Size 1 Needles (neckline), Size 2 Needles (Body) and Size 3 Needles (colorwork)
Gauge: 20 st in 4 in on size 1 needle
Cast on: 6/9/2020
Cast off goal: Tonight?

That’s it! All that’s left!

Well sleeves are basically done on this sweater. I finished sleeve #1 Monday? I think? Days are a concept I don’t quite follow these days anymore. I cast on the second sleeve yesterday (Tuesday) morning and had about half of it done before I went to bed. This morning before work, I was able to work down most of the decreases and am almost done. I should have a finished sweater today! The good thing is that it’s Wednesday, which means it’s a perfect day to weave in the ends (#WeaveItInWednesday)!

I’ll be posting a more in depth post all about sleeves as this started to get long. Look for that soon.

This sweater certainly knit up quick. I basically knit most of it within the past couple of weeks. It is turning out a bit big for me – not sure if you all remember the gauge fun I had on this sweater – so I’m not entirely surprised. I’m completely happy with the fit though. It’s going to be a warm, woolly, comfortable sweater to hang out in all winter long (is winter here yet?).

Look for a highlight post on this sweater soon!

1. Spinning – I’ve been spinning a lot! Check out my Youtube channel to hear more.
2. Northeasterly – have not worked on.
3. I filmed a cast on party, which will post to my channel on Friday. I cast on 2 socks, one of which is the 2nd sock for the Magnolia socks, as well as another vanilla socks. You can’t have too many of those. I also cast on a new crochet project! Ahh!
4. I also have been working on a pair of vanilla socks randomly.

1. Neat Ripple – This is on hold until I finish up the charity items with the colors that I have used so far.

What’s Next?
I’m thinking through this. I will be working on the crochet project, but I think that will become an easier project once I get the hang of it. I have my eyes on an Ambah O’Brien pattern that I might cast on soon.

I launched a new Dye with Me Fade Series. You can read about it on my last post or participate on YouTube. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking to all of you for how to dye up the fade. There will even be a fun giveaway at the end of the series.

August mystery yarn clubs are now available
. If you want to see how I dyed up the July skein, check this out.

July 2020 Mystery Yarn Club

Check out the shop here. There are some great kits for shawls and socks along with good pairings for sweaters. Let me know if you need help with some color selections.

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