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Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope you’re all hanging in there. I don’t know about where you are, but here in South Jersey, it is HOT. I’ve been knitting away on a sweater that I can’t imagine wearing anytime soon and dreaming of fun new colorways to dye up.

If you follow along on my YouTube channel, I’ve been posting more vlog-like content and filming more Dye with Me sessions. I’ve been having a blast doing these and I think it shows because everyone seems to be enjoying them too. I’ve been plotting and planning about my own summer crafts and just want to dive into the dye pots with all of the colors!

One of a Kind (OOAK) skeins I dyed during a “Dye with Me” session on YouTube.

Here’s where YOU come in.

I’m launching an interactive dye a long series and I want to have everyone’s help in doing so. I think this will turn into a fun adventure of creating color together. I have a video up on my channel, but I wanted to make sure I wrote out some of the details here for you all to see as well.

WHAT are we doing?
We are going to be dyeing a FADE kit! Yes, a fun colorful fade kit. As of right now, I’m planning to dye up a 3 skein set, unless people want to see larger kits. Keep reading to see how you can participate.

What will it look like?
Well, that’s certainly TBD as I’ll be using your input to dye the skeins. If you want an example, I did dye up a fade kit on my sock base. You’ll notice it’s not really a tonal change (like my gradient sets) and more of a color change. As you introduce a new skein, you bring out a color from the previous skein.

An example fade kit

WHY are we doing this?
It’s going to be so fun of course! There will be pretty yarn in the end. I think we’ll all learn new things as well!

HOW are we doing this?
The dye a long series will be hosted primarily on my YouTube channel. If you head over there right now, you’ll see an intro/kick-off video. Every other week, I will post a new dye with me video where I dye up the next skein in the set. In the comments of each video, I want you to let me know what we should do next! I’ll also post other questions throughout the video that will make this a really great conversation. For example, in the first video, I asked you to also comment with patterns you love for fade kits.

How to participate:
Comment below each video or use #agahwFadeDyeALong on instagram to participate. On the videos themselves, make sure you post answers to the questions, but also feel free to converse with other participants. You can also let me know any dyeing questions you have. I may save those for a dyeing Q&A or answer them in the next video. On instagram, you can post inspiring photos of what colors you want to use, patterns you want to knit or what you’re working on while you watch!

That’s right – there’s also a giveaway! Each comment on any and all of the series videos along with instagram posts using the hashtag #agahwFadeDyeALong will be entered to win the set I dye during the series.

Can I buy the set?
Yes, of course! One lucky person will win a set, but they will also be for sale! The kit is already available now and will remain listed in my shop for the entirety of the series. It’s a pre-order listing and no kit will ship before the completion of the series. The set is currently at a 30% discount and this discount will decrease as I publish new YouTube videos. The less you know about it, the more you save! I know you all love a mystery, so it’s definitely a win-win!

That is it! I hope this sounds fun to you all, I’m certainly excited about it. So head on over to YouTube, watch the launch video and let me know in the comments what we should do! If you want to get the best deal on the set, go check out this listing.

You can watch the launch video here:

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  1. I love the color fade that you did as an example. If you have to start with a new color, I love pinks and purples for summer. Nacho’s fur color would be a fantastic base for the fall.

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