An Interactive Dye-along

Hey everyone!

If you’re plugged into my YouTube channel, you’ll have seen that I recently posted a Dye with Me video where I filmed and chatted while dyeing up some one of a kind skeins (psst… 2 are still available in my shop). I had so much fun doing this, that I’m going to be starting up a Dye with Me series and I want your involvement!

My plan is to dye up a fade kit. This will be different from my popular gradient kits as it won’t necessarily change in tone this time but we’ll be playing with color. Each video will show me dyeing and talking through the dye techniques of each skein.

Here’s where you come in. After each video, I’ll look to the viewers for help on where to go with the next colorway. Should it have more green? Purple? Speckles? Anything? I’ll take all of the comments into consideration and you’ll see it come to life in the next video of the series.

I’m really excited about this series and I hope you are too.

Help me get started! What should the first skein look like? Reach out to me either in the comments here or on instagram, @agirlandherwool, and help me plan the first skein of the fade.

This will not be a live event, but I most certainly will try and plan one of those if there’s enough interest. For now, I’ll just chat on away through the video and then have a fun discussion afterwards.

See you all soon!

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