Introducing New Mystery Yarn of the Month Clubs

I’m so excited to announce that I will now be offering mystery yarn of the month clubs. There are some options, as I usually do, so keep reading to see some of the fun details including a rewards program!

I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a yarn of the month club, mystery style, for a while now. It seems like a lot of fun to participate in and as a dyer, a fun challenge to create. The July Yarn of the Month skeins are currently available for purchase in my shop and will be based on the photograph of the fireworks above. The July skein will start shipping on June 22nd and will be available until July 31st. The August skein will be available in mid-July through the end of August. The pattern will continue as such.

Each mystery skein will have an optional contrast skein that you can order with each purchase.

All mystery skeins will not become regular colorways until at least 3 months after the listing expires, if at all. They may never actually be listed in the shop as regular colorways, so this may just be the only chance!

There will also be a 3 month option. The 3 month clubs will be a rolling option. For example, right now you can purchase July – September (as pictured above) until July 31st. In mid-July, there will be a new option for August – October that will be available until the end of August. In other words, you will never have to wait 3 months to join in!

So, you can choose to do 1 month at a time or choose to do 3 months at a time. You can jump in and out as you want. I won’t reveal what the color of the month looks like until well after orders are received.

There will be a rewards program with the Yarn of the Month Clubs!

Here are the details for the rewards program. It will be different for the two club options and you can let me know if you have any questions at any point.

  • One Month Yarn of the Month clubs
    For each solo month yarn of the month club, you will accumulate points to earn 10% off coupons. For every 100g you purchase, you will earn a 10% coupon code. The grams will accumulate month to month but the points will expire every 12 months. Only the grams of the mystery skein will count. The contrast skeins will not be included in the totals.
    Some examples:
    The same customer purchases the following-
    July: 50g mystery skein
    August: 50g mystery skein
    10% off coupon will be mailed with the August skein

    The same customer purchases the following:
    July: 50g mystery skein and 20g contrast skein
    50g running total
    November: 30g mystery skein
    80g running total
    December: 40g mystery skein and 10g contrast skein
    10% off coupon will be sent with the December skein
    20g running total
  • Three Month Yarn of the Month clubs
    If you purchase a 3 month yarn club, you will receive a coupon code no matter how much yarn you order. The value of the coupon code will be equal to the total grams / 10. You will receive the coupon code with the first skein that ships. Only the grams of the mystery skeins will count.
    Some examples:
    3x10g mystery skeins = 3% off coupon
    3x50g mystery skeins = 15% off coupon
    3x100g mystery skeins = 30% off coupon

    Additional details for both clubs:
    – The coupon will be listed on your receipt with the order in which you earned the discount.
    – The coupon will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue. This date will be listed with the coupon code.
    – Coupon codes will exclude advent calendars and 8 nights of Hanukkah listings. This excluded list may change but will always be communicated in the shop announcements section of my shop. It will also be on the yarn of the month listings. They will always be available for the standard colorway listings (“any size skeins”) and yarn kits.
    – If a return is made for a yarn of the month club (I may not allow this, but if I do…) a coupon code may become deactivated depending on the situation. This will be communicated upon request for a return. If an order was already made with the discount code, the refund for the return skein may be adjusted accordingly.
    – I will be tracking the running totals in my own records. If you ever want a status of your totals, please message me and I’ll be happy to help!
    – I reserve the right to make changes, but you’ll never lost the points you have already earned.

You can check out the listings now in my shop.

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