Introducing… Faerie Shadow

While my love for Rose Gold has not waned a gram, I am happy to introduce a new gradient set I created for the agirlandherwool shop! Meet – Faerie Shadow!
I recorded a bunch of behind the scene videos on how I planned, dyed and created this colorway. Keep an eye out here and instagram for more details.

The gradient goes from green to purple, with highlights of gray and black along the way. I think this is a fun way to get ready for Spring, while still feeling the coldness of Winter. The kit includes a 10 skein version or a 5 skein version and as always, you can pick the size of the skeins.

In addition, I also have a variegated colorway of the same name that combines the theme of the gradient. See a picture below! It looks great with Black Hole, Love at First Sight and many other colorways. Check out all of the pairings in the “Yarn Kits” section of the shop.

Check it out in the shop now and let me know what you think.

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