Holiday Gift Knitting (err Crocheting) 2019

Well, Thanksgiving is over and it’s December. I hope everyone in the US enjoyed the holiday. Today is my first day back to work and it’s a struggle. All of this to say that the holidays are right around the corner. I’m not usually a big gift knitter and just give some stuff away throughout the year if I made something for someone else. Sorry not sorry to have brought up this very controversial topic!

Two of my nieces were here for the holidays and I pulled out a crochet kit that I thought was okay for them. It turns out it is way too hard and is more for adults to make toys for kids out of. So you know what happened here, right? Yup, I’m now crocheting two toys for Christmas for them. One wants a panda and one wants a bunny. I’m hoping they are not too bad and I can knock them one out per weekend. Oh, did I mention I don’t know how to crochet? I’m definitely setting myself up for a disaster. They are good kids and if I explain to them I couldn’t get them done in time, they will understand.

In addition, my youngest niece saw my shop yarn and loves one of the colorways. Apparently it’s like Poison Ivy? Don’t ask me, but she wants a costume made out of the yarn. I said “explain to me what you envision this costume to be. A shirt? A hat? What?” She said “I don’t know. A costume!” So I said “I don’t know how to make costumes.” “Ok, can I socks?” So I said ok. Again, we will see. I don’t think she cares that much and will forget about it, but I’ll see what I can do. It means I’ll have to knit a pair for her sister too, but they have such little feet, right? (They are 4 and 6. I probably should have mentioned that earlier).

23 days. Not so bad?? Right?? Anyone?

So, those are my holiday knitting plans. I also need to knit my 12th pair of Desert Vista Dyeworks socks before the end of the month.

What are your holiday knitting plans?

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