An Interactive Dye-along

Hey everyone! If you’re plugged into my YouTube channel, you’ll have seen that I recently posted a Dye with Me video where I filmed and chatted while dyeing up some one of a kind skeins (psst… 2 are still available in my shop). I had so much fun doing this, that I’m going to beContinue reading “An Interactive Dye-along”

A Change in Pace

We all live busy lives and right now, things are looking a bit different than they have before. Some people have more time on their hands, others have … different times on their hands. In situations like this, how do you cope? What new things excite you that you didn’t know would before (ahem… gettingContinue reading “A Change in Pace”

What I’m Doing with Yarn Leftovers

I can’t imagine any fiber artist out there that doesn’t have leftovers in there stash. Am I wrong? I think a lot of people set out to use up their leftovers or knit from stash as a way to alleviate guilt in buying yarn. I want to say flat out here, I full on encourageContinue reading “What I’m Doing with Yarn Leftovers”

Weave It In Wednesday

I’ve never experienced more uses for the “finish” like I have as a crafter. Example 1. Me: It’s finished!!! Him: Are you going to wear it? Me: well, it’s not finished yet. See those ends hanging out? I still have to weave in all of the ends. Example 2.Me: It’s finished!!! Him: Even the ends?Continue reading “Weave It In Wednesday”