Finding the Perfect Project… Featuring Bejeweled!

I hope to start up a new series here on the blog that helps you find the perfect projects for the color of the months here at agirlandherwool.

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Bejeweled debuted at the festivals in September and officially joined the agirlandherwool family in October. It’s a variegated skein with a caramel color, purple, dusty pink and a light blue. The technique I used to dye this means it will cause some pooling. I absolutely love the tones in the color and how well it pairs with other colors, in particular, Before the Rain (a gray blue with gray speckles) or Denim (a tonal medium blue).

Two Color Projects
Bejeweled would make a fabulous vanilla sock with the slight pooling and fun color variations. For a bit of contrast, check out Denim for the contrast color. I would keep the pattern minimal for this color if you aren’t in the mood for a vanilla sock.

Bejeweled and Before the Rain and similar in tones, which means I would not use it for colorwork. Instead, I think the Super Simple Summer Sweater by Joji Locatelli is a great option! Bejeweled will create some fun patterning in an otherwise plain stockinette sweater. Before the Rain will create a break in the colors without making the sweater be too much of a contrast.

I think something cool about the pairing of Bejeweled and Before the Rain is that if held together, the pooling of Bejeweled will be toned down. I’d love to see a hat or cowl worked up in this way. In particular, I love this Accessory Cowl by Safiyyah Talley and I think it would be fun to see the colors interact in stockinette and one in the lightly patterned section.

Three Color Projects
The three of these colors complement each other so well. There’s enough color to create a special project, but it’s subdued enough for those, like me, who don’t want too many colors in one project.

I’m really drawn to the Hygge Cowl by Tif Neilan – tif handknits for similar reasons to the Accessory Cowl. It’s another pattern where you hold two yarns together. I love the highlight stripes of the darker color and that’s where Denim comes in. This will be a WARM accessory, which is great for the wardrobe!

To spice things up a little bit here, I also want to give some attention to the Bejeweled gradient set, which I love paired with these same two colors.

One pattern that IMMEDIATELY comes to mind to use the 5 skein version of the gradient set is the Time Trades Shawl by Caitlin Hunter. I knit this myself a few years ago and every time I look at it, I admire how pretty it is!

I hope this helps you all find some inspiration to knit up projects!

Make sure you check out Bejeweled, Before the Rain and Denim in the shop! Don’t forget that Bejeweled and Denim are October colors of the month. This means that along with being available as Ready to Ship items that I restock throughout the month, you can also use the custom order listings to order exactly the right amount of yarn you need. From minis to 300g skeins on a variety of bases, you never have to buy too much or too little yarn.

Comment below with your ideas for these colors or any pattern that comes to mind.

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