January 2021 Yarn Clubs Reveal

Now that the January clubs have arrived at their homes, I’m here to talk about them and the inspiration behind it.

Starting in January, I offered up the club as a mystery skein, with an optional contrast skein, or as a mini skein set. For both options, I used the same inspirational photo.

My main inspiration in picking this photo is that I love to roast veggies and make soups in the summer. I wanted to find a photo of some root vegetables that reminded me of this. I also like to balance out the colors that I include in the clubs to provide variety and not have similar skeins back to back. I don’t often dye with orange and so I thought it would be fun to add that in there.

That being said, I was really nervous going into this club. These aren’t my typical colors and I was nervous for how it would turn out. I have to say that I do a test skein when deciding on the inspirational photo to make sure I can actually come up with something. I was still nervous though!

In the end, I was really happy with the skein I came up with. I kept it light and more of the neutral colors than the bright orange and green. They were more hints and I toned them down to keep them more in my style.

It’s a really soft light brown base with various neutral colors. It has some speckles of the orange and green, but again, not too much.

For the contrast skein, I decided to go with a light green. Again, to stay within my comfort zone, but to bring in a bit of color. I like that I again kept it light. It might not be the standard moody winter color, but I think it represents root vegetables and the overall feel I was going for.

New this month was a mini skein set based on the same inspirational photo. I picked out various elements of the main color and brought them into their own mini. If you are interested in more details about how I do this, check out an upcoming series I have on my YouTube channel starting in a few weeks. I’ll be talking all about photo inspirations and creating colorways and mini skein sets.

So overall a soft feel, but a really fun mini skein set for the winter months.

You can purchase these colors on for a very limited time – now through the 15th. The colors will be retired for at least 3 months.

Shop Clubs Here!

February clubs are also available. If you purchase the mystery club between now and the 20th, you’ll be signed up for the February club. Make sure you select the ongoing subscription for the club. You also have various options for the length of the club. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

February Inspiration Photo

You can watch more here on YouTube and tune in if you haven’t seen the ongoing coupon code available only at agirlandherwool.com.

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