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Hello crafty friends!

It’s a rainy and dreary week here in South Jersey and there’s nothing like fun and colorful yarn to brighten it all up. We’re actually painting the walls of our home (no neon unicorn here though), and so it seems like a perfect time to fill you all in on some Shop News and Updates!

I did post a similar vlog to my YouTube channel last night, so go check that out as well. There’s a mess of the world around me but the yarn is what matters!

It’s a busy time for a yarn dyer now as advents are going out, cooler weather is arriving and the holiday season is fast approaching!

Advents and 8 Nights of Hanukkah

So the time as past for you to order surprise advents and 8 Nights of Hanukkah calendars as I’ve mailed those out earlier this week. The lady at the post office says “what is it, Christmas time. You look like Santa!” as I carried in my garbage bags full of packages. Such a great feeling (THANK YOU!) and I was very pleasant in my response of “well, kind of!” and then showed her pictures of the calendars. For all of you who ordered these kits, thank you again and I hope you love them. If they haven’t arrived yet, keep an eye out and you should have it soon.

Ambah x Advent

I was very honored to have Ambah O’Brien reach out to me earlier this spring about collaborating on some kits for her Advent collection. Ambah is one of very few designers that I have followed and admired since I started knitting. I still need someone to pinch me.

She was interested in my Rose Gold gradient set and my Faerie Shadow gradient and asked if they could be expanded to 24 skein sets. I got to work and came up with two kits that I thought turned out pretty well. I shipped them off to Australia and MONTHS later (covid, anyone?) heard that they arrived safely.

You can imagine how I felt when I later learned that she used BOTH kits for two separate patterns. The Radvent Cowl uses the first half of the Faerie Shadow gradient, which I’ve named Faerie Garden. Kits are now available!

Radvent Cowl in Faerie Garden

The other pattern, the Radvent Wrap, dropped yesterday and features my Rose Gold Gradient set. You guys. I can’t believe it. Check out the kits here.

Radvent Wrap

So while I just wrapped up dyeing, packaging and sending advent kits, I will be back to the dye pots with the mini skeins galore dyeing these up! I plan to be able to send them with plenty of time before Dec 1, as long as you are located in the US. I’m not sure I can guarantee international shipments due to the delays in customs from various Covid regulations. I’ll still be shipping them though for anyone interested!

Fall Colorways are leaving!

At this point, I don’t plan to restock fall colorways, unless I decide to keep them as more regular colors and less seasonal. This mostly applies to more tonal colors that will be helpful to pair with seasonal colors.

If you like any of the following fall colorways, make sure you grab them soon!
– The Gourd Place
– What the Fork?
– Fall Foliage
– Autumn Vibes
– 4th and Goal

Fall Foliage | Autumn Vibes | The Gourd Place | What the Fork?

Good news though…

Winter is Coming!

Before we know it, winter will be upon us and I’m already planning out my winter lineup. I plan to bring back “Last Christmas” as well as the mini skein set, so stay tuned for more pictures. Last year, I also released Frozen and the Frozen mini skein set, Girl on Fire and its mini skein set and more. Let me know what you want to see come back in the shop and I’ll be releasing new ones as well. Check out the colorways page for more details. Keep reading for details about how to best pick out the yarn for all of your projects and yarnie desires!

Shop News

I’ve been working hard to convert the shop into a ready to ship shop. The reasoning behind that is that I want to be able to send out your yarn to you ASAP. When I dye to order, there can be delays due to an influx of orders, emergencies at work, colors not acting correctly (no matter how much I discipline, they just don’t always behave), slow drying times or other random things that can and do happen. When I sell only what is in stock, I know the yarn is good to go and ready for shipping, which means I can send it out quickly.

The downside to this is that it means I may not always have what you are looking for available. As a shop that relies heavily on Etsy bringing in traffic, this is a larger downside that it might seem. It’s hard to spread the message of “if something isn’t available, please let me know and I’ll dye it up for you” when people just scroll through listings. I’m doing my best to stock a wide variety, but if you are a follower and have requests, please let me know! I’m growing and I’m excited to bring you all what you want.

Just me, myself and I

If you’re still here, thank you for reading all of this. Take this 20% off coupon from me. Use code BLOGNEWS20 for 20% off from now until Nov 15th, 2020. It’ll be good for anything that’s not on the exclusion list in the shop announcements.

All of this being said, look for some of the following things in my shop.

  1. Underneath the list of sections, there is a button that says “Request Custom Listing.” This is an option similar to just messaging me. How it works though is that it’ll create a listing only you will be able to see, instead of me adding one to the shop. If you don’t see a colorway listed on the base, skein size or quantity you are looking for, click that button and let me know! I don’t charge extra for custom listings, but I will be able to communicate appropriate timing better. Anytime you do that, mention code phrase “Any Size Skein” in the message for 20% off and some special goodies (depending on supplies). This code will be ongoing until further notice! Only for you blog readers! Again, this only applies to the custom requests. If the request is listed in the shop, I will direct you there.
  2. I plan to keep 100g skeins in stock in most bases. I’ll have them in their own section so that they are easily found.
  3. I plan to have mini skeins as their own listings with mini skein photos. Make sure you keep an eye out for the section updates to find exactly what you need.

As a young and growing business, I’m constantly thinking of how to work efficiently and offer as many products as one person can. I appreciate all of the ongoing support of my little shop and look forward to what is next.

As always, feel free to reach out anytime with suggestions or feedback. I love hearing from you! Thank you all for the support!

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