Exciting New Changes at agirlandherwool – August 29th, 2020

Check out the new colors and bases that are going into the shop. I also have some news about how the shop will be run and what you can expect moving forward.

Shop Admin
The shop will be converting to in stock only. Historically, I’ve done mostly dyed to order and then transitioned to a combination of in stock and dye to order. As my business grows (thank you!), the most efficient way for me to properly run the shop is to have everything that is listed in stock. I’m more than happy to custom dye something if you don’t see the right amount of yarn skeins or the right sizes, so just send me a message via Etsy.

For all shop updates, follow me on Twitter, agirlandherwool, as this is where I will post a quick status update for any new listing or items that have been restocked.

Yes, there are plenty of new bases to get excited about!

Worsted: 100% SW Merino / 8 ply / Worsted Weight / 218 yards per 100g
This base is a super round 8 ply base. It’s a cable construction meaning that there are 4 sets of 2 plys. It really does make for a round structure. I was in awe when I saw it and I was a little nervous about ordering this base. I don’t regret it. I plan to cast on a Spark cardigan this weekend and so make sure you follow along for how that goes. Kits will start appearing in the shop, so make sure you favorite my shop in Etsy or follow me on Twitter for the most up to date listing announcements.

Silky DK: 50% SW Merino and 50% Silk / 4ply / DK weight / 231 yards per 100g
If heaven is made of yarn, it’s this one. I’m not exaggerating, it’s a soft but dense base that will have you feeling so snuggly. I’m currently knitting the Kentia Hat out of this base, but I could easily see this making the most luxurious sweaters. Are you sensitive to wool around your neck? I highly recommend this base.

Sock Blanks: Single knit sock blanks / 75% SW Merino and 25% Nylon / 4 ply / Light Fingering / 463 yards per 100g
If you haven’t tried a sock blank, now’s the time to start! The way these work is I dye up the yarn already knit. You can then knit directly from the blank for wind it up and soak it if you don’t like the kinks. In any case, I’ll dye up a fun design and it’ll be interesting to see how it knits up as you go. As the gauges aren’t the same, the dyes will work up differently from the blank. It’s an adventure! These might all end up as one of a kinds (OOAKs) but stay tuned to hear more.

The beginnings of a Kentia Hat on Silky DK. Can you see the shimmer?

New Colors
Fall is in full swing at agirlandherwool. See the latest colorways that have hit the shop or will be loaded soon.

The Gourd Place and What the Fork?
This pumpkin pairing was a mega hit last year and so it is back! These are made to be worked up together, but they are also so great on their own. They are currently in the shop on the BFL sock base, but they will get loaded on Sock and DK soon.

What the Fork? (green) and The Gourd Place (Orange)

Fall Foliage
Another returning colorway, but I’ve improved the formula to make this color even better. It’s an overall red skein with lots of orange, yellow, green and brown that will remind you of all the fall foliage scenery.

Fall Foliage

Autumn Vibes
A brand new colorway that I’m already obsessed with. It’s another variegated skein, but this one has all the moods. It’s an overall purple skein with reds, blues, browns, greens and lots of autumn vibes.

Autumn Vibes

A not fall themed colorway, but I’m obsessed anyway. It’s a blue-green base with lots of blues in all shades and a deep purple/burgundy speckle. I’m using it in my Kentia Hat, but it’ll be available on multiple bases. I have a feeling this will be a hit!

Overnight Oats (left) and Majestic (Right)

My fall rainbow is coming back soon! Stay tuned to see when it hits the shop.

A new Fall Mini Skein Set
…That’s still to be named. It’s such a great fall themed kit with cinnamon and purple tones. Perfect for fall. I’ll be using this in my Spark cardigan.

Those are the newest colors in the shop. The Rose Gold gradient is also restocked. Other colorways will be appearing in the shop and the best way to keep up with that is on my Twitter account. You can also follow along here and on Instagram. Finally, I uploaded a video to YouTube if you want to see and hear more:

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